Chicco Natural Sensation range of children's cosmetics

Chicco Natural Sensation range of children's cosmetics

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Chicco Natural Sensation range of children's cosmetics

The skin of the baby is sensitive and delicate. Its development starts from the first months of pregnancy and continues until its first years of life.

Unique features:

At birth, the baby's skin is naturally fragile and delicate. There are 3 major differences between the skin of a newborn and that of an adult:

1. Thinner: therefore, more vulnerable and 3 times more exposed to external factors than the skin of an adult.

2. Drier: The skin of a newborn produces a smaller amount of lipids, and the mechanism of regulating water balance is not yet fully developed, which makes the skin drier and more dehydrated.

3. It irritates extremely easily: at birth, the pH is less acidic, so it is even less effective against any irritation.

Natural protection from the mother's tummy

During the last trimester of the mother's pregnancy, the baby's skin is protected from contact with the amniotic fluid of "Vernix Caseosa", a thin, gray-white layer that contains water, sebaceous secretions and flaking skin cells. This natural protection disappears with the removal of the varnish.

Benefits of Vernix Caseosa:

- helps him adapt to extrauterine life

- it has antimicrobial properties (against E-coli, streptococcus B, candida albicans), thus reducing the risk of maternal disease.

- keeps her skin hydrated - a 2003 study at Skin Science Institutedin Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, testified that babies who were not washed with vernix after birth subsequently had fewer skin problems - being more hydrated, it peels less or not at all, and the PH stabilizes it faster than in the case of the epidermis of babies cleaned of vernix immediately after birth. Also, the varnish also has the ability to heal the lesions, to act as an anti-oxidant, an anti-infectious agent and a barrier against water losses of the epidermis.

- It regulates the body temperature, when the baby is not washed by this varnish immediately after birth, but is only "lightly" tamponated with a towel, leaving this miraculous substance on the skin of the baby.

Exactly what baby's skin needs

Chicco Natural Sensation is the new range of baby cosmetics that follows the process of natural development of the baby's skin, just like the mother's tummy.

Its formula is inspired by the composition vernix caseosa, offering protection and natural hydration of the skin of the newborn.

Why choose Chicco Natural Sensation cosmetics?

1. Natural active ingredients - selected for their special properties (high toxicological safety profile).

2. High tolerance - cosmetics are tested under medical supervision by the renowned independent institution, to determine their tolerance and effectiveness. The results obtained are extremely good.

3. They do not contain parabens and phenoxyethanol - all formulas are very delicate, designed to respect the delicate skin of the baby.

4. Ideal for use from birth

5. Approved by dermatologists and pediatric doctors