Gray paprika with cow cheese

Gray paprika with cow cheese

The gravy goats with cow cheese are served as dessert, sprinkled with butter and sugar flour.

Preparation time

50 minutes




200 g of cow cheese

100 g gray

50 g butter

50 g old powder

1 or


Method of preparation

Mix the cheese with the gray, put a pinch of salt in the mixture, then homogenize. Add the egg and mix the dough well.

From the dough obtained form balls of the size of a apricot, which you have to put to boil in boiling water.

When you put the parsnips to a boil, lower the heat.

Remove the papanas after they fall to the bottom of the pot they boiled, drain them well, then stop them with melted butter.

Powder the papaya with vanilla sugar and serve it hot as a dessert.


Optionally, you can sprinkle on top of these papanasi a fruit sauce, bread with sugar or your favorite sweet.

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