7 ways to combat back pain

7 ways to combat back pain

Back pain is extremely uncomfortable and distressing and is an effect of a defective lifestyle (prolonged sitting on the chair, incorrect posture, incorrect lifting of weights) or degenerative diseases (arthritis) that affect the spine and bones. Here are some effective natural remedies for quickly relieving back pain that ruins your mood and makes you suffer almost daily!



Ice is the most effective natural anti-inflammatory and has the advantage of quickly relieving pain. The calming effect lasts between 24 and 48 hours.

Heat can provide a sense of comfort at first, but it exacerbates inflammation, which is also the source of pain. Ice and cold sensation dampens and relaxes the muscles.

Homeopathy, however, recognizes that pain can be alleviated either in hot applications or in cold applications, depending on the cause, the characteristics of the pain, as well as on the other symptoms that the patient presents.


Proper sleep or rest may prove to be the best remedy for back pain. The pains are also accentuated by the fatigue caused by the lack of sleep. When deprived of sleep, the body is subjected to severe stress, which worsens the pain.


Aerobics is a type of physical movement that is extremely effective in treating and relieving back pain.

If the discomfort is not severe enough that you cannot physically move, adopt an aerobic workout, whether it is at the gym, swimming, cycling or just walking.

During aerobics, the body naturally releases endorphins, considered chemicals that are used to relieve pain in the body.

Endorphins also have the benefit of relieving stress, anxiety and even depression, medical conditions that can worsen chronic back pain.


Take care of your posture while sitting down, as you walk, but especially when lifting weights. Bend carefully, always bending your knees when you want to lift something hard from the bottom.

Comfortable shoes

Give up the heels, as they tend to worsen back pain. When you go with heeled shoes, your body posture becomes unstable and there is pressure in the lumbar area. The pain becomes stronger and the discomfort increased.

Low heels, without heels, over time help to relieve pain.


Weight is another factor that can exacerbate and aggravate back pain or, on the contrary, which can help to combat this discomfort.

Make sure you have a weight that falls within the normal average for your age and height, and if you have exceeded a little limit, then take measures quickly. Each extra kilogram puts pressure on your spine and makes the pain even more unbearable. Adopt a balanced and efficient weight loss plan. Talk to a doctor to help you shed your pounds without endangering your health.


If you work in the office and spend many hours in your chair, make sure the furniture or workspace is organized so that the body stays in the correct position.

Take a chair in which to properly support your back, so that it stands upright and a desk at a high enough height, so you don't have to lean over to type on the computer or read.

What natural ways do you know to combat back pain? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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