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4 essential factors to consider if you want to raise an independent child

4 essential factors to consider if you want to raise an independent child

All parents want their little one to become independent as soon as possible, without realizing that they themselves have the secret to make the children handle themselves in various situations. Moreover, the child learns to be independent only if the parents really want it and if they are willing to make some compromises in this regard.

Here are the essential factors you need to consider in order to grow an independent child!

Provide accessories that allow it to explore the space

Your house is the universe of the child. For him it represents an interesting and still unknown world. Let him explore every corner and discover something new every day. For him it is a real joy, more enjoyable than playing, and the fact that he explores the house alone will give him confidence in him.

One of the most useful accessories for the little one to walk indefinitely through the house is the precursor. On this site you can find such adjustable and perfect accessories for babies who want to discover the world on their own feet.

As long as it is inside, the child is completely safe and can explore the house without worrying that an accident might occur. This way you will have more time for yourself and for home affairs.

Let him discover the world without ever being afraid of germs

Mothers often make an obsession for microbes, which is absolutely natural, because no parent wants their baby to get sick. However, in our attempt to protect him from illnesses we end up restricting his freedom and often it could make them even worse because his immune system must be exposed to the microbes that strengthen him.

A child who was not allowed to walk alone and who was forbidden to play in the park or at the sand pit for fear of microbes will always need the support of parents when dealing with new situations. We do not advocate for indifference, but for a natural freedom, a relaxation of the rules, which will bring a lot of joy to the children and parents to the same extent.

Encourage him to do it alone

When you reach the age at which you can do things by yourself, encourage him to do without you. Some examples would be eating alone, dressing alone, washing or tying their laces. Tell him how much you would be glad if he would do these things alone and explain step by step how they are done.

Do not wait until he tells you he wants to eat alone, this will never happen. You are the one who decides the right time to do these things on your own, and it would be ideal for him to come as soon as possible.

It does not help as soon as you encounter difficulties

The previous point is closely related to it. It is useless to encourage him to deal with himself if every time you encounter difficulties you jump to his aid. Are you trying to tie in for a few minutes? If you have shown him several times how to do it, do not always come to his aid. Arm yourself with patience and you will see that you will succeed alone!

We must not forget that little ones tend to ask for our help in everything, but often the solution is theirs and they can do very well without us in many circumstances.

Of course, all these principles are implemented in moderation. The goal is not to create an environment in which the child does not ask for your help when he or she needs it, but to think for the first time what he himself can do to solve a problem.

Consider the fact that an independent child will become a trusted adult, who will be able to handle any situation in which he or she will put his or her life. The first few years are essential in establishing a dynamic regarding its dependence on parents, so you have to take this into account since the child is young.

What do you think about these factors? What would you add to the list? Write us in the comment section below!

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