Discover the magical realm of childhood without end

Discover the magical realm of childhood without end

The fairy-tale characters, the latest technologies in educational entertainment that stimulate creativity and the premium safety system ensure Gymboland's supremacy in the field of educational playgrounds.

The safety of children, the development of creativity and the focus on education are the directions around which the politics of the playground are developed.

Playgrounds offer unlimited fun opportunities for children aged 0 to 12 years.

Whether they prefer the fascinating world of carnival or are tempted to experience a miniature reality by playing the roles of parents, children's happiness is unlimited and unconditional.

Fantasy, childhood and magic are enhanced by mazes, blowbuster cannons, ball pools, climbing walls with different difficulty paths, carousel, arena of jumps or games activated by motion sensors. All the preferences of the little ones, but also the demands of the big ones, are successfully fulfilled.

It offers a variety of activities: from modular structures to touch screen panels, stimulating not only motility, but also cognitive abilities, it configures a universe prepared for small explorers and conquerors.

Promoter of the concept of educational game, giving the little ones all the creative methods and tools necessary for stimulating the imagination and accessing all the senses.

The happiness of the little ones, who play by learning and discovering themselves, is protected by the intensely trained staff, while the surveillance cameras that continuously project images from the playgrounds provide parents with moments of relaxation and relaxation.

The entire expertise in educational entertainment is reflected in a realm where parents have time for themselves and where children develop through play and play, exercising their skills for the roles they will assume at maturity.

The sound of innocence, the color of happiness, birthdays and important moments in a family's life are transposed into the spaces of magic!