Help equip your favorite school!

Help equip your favorite school!

Help equip your favorite school!

Bucharest, July 9, 2012: The third edition of the national program "Help your school!" initiated by Real - Hypermarket in 2010, which aims equipping educational institutions in Romania with IT equipment by registering bonus points by the customers of the real shops, - favorite schools.

National Program Help your school! runs for 12 weeks, interval in which Real transforms all purchases made by customers into points. These can be donated by clients to general schools, high schools, vocational schools or private schools, at their own choice, and at the end of the campaign the points are collected and the schools receive free from the real part, - IT equipment based on the points accumulated. The choice of the school that will receive the points can be made throughout the campaign on the dedicated site Each voucher with a minimum value of 10 lei is worth one point for the chosen school.

As a novelty of the program, compared to previous years, at this edition Real will transform the points into both next-generation laptops and projectors for teaching activities, and schools that will accumulate 10,000 points will be able to choose the types of materials and equipment they will receive.

"Our program has succeeded in the past years to facilitate the provision of more than 50 schools and high schools with IT equipment worth 77,000 lei. We want to increase the chance that this state-of-the-art technology will be included in the learning program and at the same time. we encourage the civic spirit so that we are all aware of the importance of quality education. This year, our main target is to succeed in communicating as best the program either through the dedicated website, Facebook or in stores, not only to develop the community reflex but and to send them to our clients as a small gesture and the involvement of each one helps to equip the schools with a greater number of equipment. Last year, many points were wasted because they were not donated, but this year we are determined to explain them to our clients. our efforts to help the school I want is minimal and deserves to be done, "said Adriana Pita, Division Manager Corporate Commun ication & PR la real, Hypermarket Romania.

The rules of the campaign can be consulted at the Customer Relations Office and at the Internet address:

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