Sos Poulette

Sos Poulette

The chicken sauce is a sauce from the French cuisine, served hot.

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Preparation time

40 minutes




1 tablespoon butter

2 tablespoons flour (or food starch)

1 onion

1/2 glass becomes white

100 g mushrooms chopped for sauce (or given by chopping machine)

1/2 glass of cream

2 cups bottom of chicken

2 yellows

100 g butter

juice from a lemon

Method of preparation

Cut the thin onion, then squeeze it into a gauze and place it in a pan with the wine.

Allow the sauce to drop, then add over it a chutney prepared from the cold butter mixed on a plate with flour.

Pour into the pan and consume the chicken or a beef background. Add the mushrooms with a mixer, pour the cream and let the sauce drop.

Strain the obtained sauce, with the help of a clean gauze, then add in it the two yolks and a piece of butter

Put lemon juice to taste.

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