Fifth Summer Camp for the Teenage Cancer Survivors

Fifth Summer Camp for the Teenage Cancer Survivors

The camp will take place between August 29 and September 3, in the Dragan Valley, bringing together 160 young people who have overcome cancer.

Summer Camp Recklessness is the perfect occasion for meeting, relaxing, relaxing and entertaining, but also a time when young people who have overcome cancer are empowered to discuss important cancer issues and make decisions regarding future actions and campaigns.

Last year, on the occasion of the annual national meeting that takes place during the summer camp, the young people decided to organize fundraising campaigns to cover the purchase of catheters and missing medicines, for young people still under treatment and for members of Fear who they relapsed and resumed the fight against cancer.

Two years ago, this whole group of young people decided to create a modern play and therapy room within the pediatric oncology section of St. Mary's Hospital in Iasi.

This year they will focus on developing their skills, the theme of this year's camp being leadership, through which we want to empower them to make their voices heard in the community, to learn how to be exceptional leaders and to learn notions about advocacy.

Fear has become the largest community of adolescents and young adults who have overcome cancer in Eastern and Central Europe, being active in designing and organizing numerous campaigns and actions that support adolescents fighting cancer at the moment in Romania. Fear has become a real move and a positive urge to fight cancer in children. We are very proud of everything these exceptional young people have achieved!