10 amazing things about newborns!

10 amazing things about newborns!

The first months of your baby's life are fascinating, especially when you just became a mother for the first time. Everything is so new to you, that you don't know why you wonder first. The girlfriend you brought home is so small and so cute that you can kiss her constantly.

You still do not know what to do when crying or how to detect the causes that bring her tears, but you seem to be so small and helpless, that you would do anything to make her happy. You can't help but enjoy every little gesture, every grimace, every sound you make.

Everything that happens to a newborn is amazing and interesting. Here are just 10 of these things that will make you wonder!

1. Babies see perfectly

Contrary to myths conveyed by their undeveloped vision, infants would actually see very well if their brain was sufficiently developed at this stage. This means that the eyes are not a problem, but that their ability to perceive is still in full development.

2. Newborns don't cry

Even if it seems like you're crying all the time, newborns never cry. The way you express your dissatisfaction or signal certain states of discomfort is screaming. However, it is never accompanied by tears until the age of 1-3 months.

3. Babies can move

Even if it seems incredible, newborns can crawl right after birth. In this sense, experiments have already been carried out, and one of them is quite boring: scientists have placed a newborn near his mother's abdomen and, in less than an hour, he made his way to to reach her breast.

4. Infants know how to swim

This does not mean that you can put your baby in the first pool that comes your way, but you must know that until the age of 4-6 months they still keep their reflex to swim. They move their arms and legs as they sit in the water with their belly down and perfectly mimic their swimming moves. However nice you may be, you must know that it is not healthy to overload them in this way and subject them to daily training or that lasts more than a few minutes.

5. At birth, people have more bones

When we are born, there are 270 bones in our body. As we develop and mature, they begin to weld, so that in adult life we ​​reach only 206 bones.

6. Babies do not have knees

Although they have 270 bones, the newborns are missing the rolls. Thus, they can strengthen freely without hurting their knees, which in the first months of life are made of cartilaginous tissue.

7. They are marked

The birth signs may seem a rarity to you, but the truth is that one third of the population has something on their body. One in 3 children is born with a distinctive sign, isn't it great?

8. I grow incredibly fast

The newborns grow so fast that after the first 5 months of life their weight is double that of the one they had at birth. On the other hand, they spend a lot of time eating during this period, so it's no wonder they are evolving at such an alert rate.

9. Their smiles are not even smiles

As adorable as it may seem to see your child smiling and believing that his joy has to do with you and the love you carry with each other, you must know that, at least by the age of one month, babies do not smile really. Their mimicry resembles that of smiles, but the truth is that most of these rattlesnakes are caused by the stomach gases the little ones struggle with.

10. Babies recognize their mothers

I have already said that their vision has no problem, but how they perceive it, until the brain begins to develop, is different from that of adults. Despite the distorted images of newborns, they are able to recognize their mothers as soon as they see them. There is no point in saying about the connection between a mother and her child that is fantastic and unbeatable.

What unique thing impressed you about your baby? We look forward to your comments in the comments section below!

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