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8 natural remedies to treat mosquito bites

8 natural remedies to treat mosquito bites

Natural remedies for treating mosquito bites are the most effective and healthy methods for rapidly reducing the discomfort created by the bites of these insects. No matter how many measures you can take to prevent insect bites, there are situations where the baby's skin is often "stapled" by the ruthless needle of mosquitoes. The result: the skin swells, reddens, itching and even pain.


Has your little one been the victim of mosquitoes and do you have ointments or pharmaceutical solutions in hand to relieve uncomfortable symptoms? Nothing! If you look carefully through the room, refrigerator or house, you will find at least one of the following natural remedies, extremely effective in reducing inflammation, rosacea and itching, the main symptoms of stinging.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is one of the most exploited plants in natural medicine. It has a lot of therapeutic properties, including reducing the itching and inflammation of the skin in the areas affected by mosquito bites.

You can directly apply a piece of herbs on the blisters formed on the skin, if you have aloe in the house, or you can use gels or ointments that are made of aloe vera.


Toothpaste is another extremely effective natural remedy for treating mosquito bites.

It has immediate itching effects of itching caused by stinging. The mint contained in this product is the one that acts against inflammation and reduces itching.

Apply a small amount of toothpaste directly to the area where the child has been pinched and leave it to dry.

Apple vinegar

Apple vinegar works immediately to reduce the swelling of the skin caused by stinging, but also to relieve other unpleasant symptoms.

If the baby has only 2-3 punctures, apply a small amount of vinegar directly to the vesicles formed on the skin. If the skin has been "tolled" in several places by these insects, it is advisable to give the child a warm bath, and to pour two cups and half of vinegar into the tub.


If the mosquito bites are neglected and the baby gets injured on the skin due to scratching, there is a risk of infection. To prevent this danger, it is important that the baby does not put his hand on the affected area and does not irritate the skin by scratching.

Lemon is the fruit that helps you reduce the risk of infection, because it reduces the itching sensation, the symptom that causes the prick to scratch and cause irritation. Cut a slice of lemon, cut a piece of pulp and rub the inflamed area with it.

Sodium bicarbonate

Another simple remedy against mosquito bites is a paste made of baking soda and water. Mix the two ingredients in a small container and apply the paste formed directly on the areas affected by stinging. Your little one will feel much better, because the unpleasant symptoms will disappear almost immediately.


If you do not have sodium bicarbonate, aloe vera or other natural products available to calm the baby and prevent him from scratching constantly in the areas where the mosquitoes have been pinched, you can opt for honey.

Besides the soothing effect of itching and inflammation, honey also has antibacterial properties, functioning as a local disinfectant. Apply a small amount of honey directly on the stings.


Oats are useful in combating inflammation and soothing the itching or pain caused by mosquito bites.

Warm baths are recommended, in which about two cups of oats are added and the child is allowed to sit for a few minutes, maybe even a quarter of an hour.

The remedy is useful when the child has multiple mosquito bites in several areas of the body.

Banana peel

The inside of the banana peel has proven to be an effective natural remedy against mosquito bites. It contains potassium and antioxidants useful in alleviating the discomfort caused by these bites.

Mosquitoes are one of the summer nightmares for children's health. The warmer the outside, the more these insects multiply and invade nature.

What natural remedies or tricks do you use to reduce the discomfort caused by mosquito bites? Share your suggestions in the comments section below!

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