When and how do we care for children's teeth?

When and how do we care for children's teeth?

A common parenting question for the Eastern dentist: when do we start oral hygiene in children? The answer is simple: from birth!

In infants, the hygiene of the dental arches, even before the eruption of the first tooth, is done with the help of a sterile compress moistened with chamomile tea. With the appearance of the first milk tooth, around the age of 5-6 months, and up to the age of 2 years, it is recommended to clean the teeth with a special brush for children, without toothpaste, because the little ones can not yet rinse and can swallow quantities of it.

An exception is the 100% natural toothpaste, without fluoride content, which presents no risk of ingestion and can be used successfully after 2 years. When the children turn 2 years old, it is assumed that they can learn the process of mouthwashing after brushing, and then they can use fluoride toothpaste, in an amount as a pea.

Which toothbrush to choose?

The most appropriate toothbrush for children is the electric toothbrush. Its rotations effectively remove the bacterial plaque, even if the baby does not yet possess the correct brushing technique. Of course, you can also use a classic toothbrush, with natural bristles (more indicated) or artificial bristles, but the child should be helped and assisted every time he brushes his teeth.

How do I teach my child to brush my teeth properly?

The personal example is the most eloquent: every morning and evening, the child and the parent must perform oral hygiene together. Thus, the child learns a healthy habit by imitating his parents, both rhythmicity and brushing technique.

The best method, however, is to visit the dentist. From the age of 2-3 years, the child must benefit from his first appointment with the dentist: a consultation and a professional brushing are the best pretexts to become friends with the medical environment. At the same time, the little boy can learn, assisted by the doctor, how to properly brush his teeth, and the home, aided by his parents, will deepen and retain the technique.


Until the age of two years or, more precisely, until the child can rinse his mouth, it is recommended not to use toothpaste or, if desired, fluoride-free paste or toothpaste with 100% natural composition. Fluorine pastes are indicated only after the age of 2-3 years.

Dr. Cristina Chiper

Dental aesthetic specialist

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