Teach the little one the poetry of the recycling station

Teach the little one the poetry of the recycling station

Teach the little one the poetry of the recycling station

This is his story SIGUREC PRIME, the most friendly and colorful waste collection station, specially created for all family members - from small to large.

There was once a recycling station, in the parking lot. Look so big.

Have you ever seen children who use live waste machines?

Everything is possible with some imagination and a penchant for the latest technologies. If you don't believe us, come to the station.

Wastes from small to large are sorted in ascending order.

Fantastic plastics, empty doses and bottles, bulbs and electronics without blowing.

We also put batteries, which are not recommended for children.

Recycling with immediate reward. Keep your eyes fixed on the four as in the theater.

Enchanted witches and magical warriors take the waste directly to the factories.

For parents, be good

and tell them between your teeth

that the waste reaches the factory with an aerodynamic car.

In factories, things get complicated.

The wastes are washed and trimmed, in a word they are prepared

for the great transformation into new things. Did you remember? There is no garbage in the factories.

All things are of value as the immortal bird, which reborn from the ashes when it dies.

And if I convinced you, take the first steps in smart recycling:

Find out here what types of waste you can selectively collect: CLICK HERE

Find the selective collection solution that suits you: CLICK HERE

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We wish you a day with poems!

The SIGUREC team - your partners in collection and recycling!

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