How I made my child responsible (aka down with the Bakugans!)

How I made my child responsible (aka down with the Bakugans!)

Do you know that age of the child, at which three things are forbidden, namely, leaving the windows open, washing his / her head for more than 10 seconds and going to the store with him / her?

Well, if the first two say it is relatively easy to solve, the third is a real problem, because, many times, you cannot wait until a grandfather or a granddaughter comes to stay with the child and you need to do it shopping.

And then, you see yourself having to take it with you into that universe of the softly named supermarket. You breathe in your chest and tell yourself that it can't be so bad. You went through this, you went to buy meat and cucumbers and you came back with snacks, chocolate and a Bakugan, but without meat and without cucumbers, the child rolled on foot under the scornful eyes of shopping mates but, hey !, you survived!

You arrive at the supermarket and try to make a smart route that does not include the dangerous districts called Toys and Sweets but neither the child, as a child, is born even yesterday, so he will take your hand and take you fixedly where he likes and works. On top of that, you see, I don't know how many times, that the resemblance between a child and a cot is very great: like a cot, the light of your eyes will cling to everything that is bright, colorful or dangling, because, as well we all know, everything that is forbidden is undoubtedly interesting.

Therefore, what do you do when he wants everything inside the thirteenth Lego, the tenth chocolate or a doll (because yes, this happened to me, too, for Matei, the male person, to want a doll, for reasons only known to him).

Don't think I haven't tried all the methods known and certified by negotiation-delay-circumvention-blackmail: let me buy you next time, if I take this I will not take the other one, if you are good and sleep at lunch we think, it is too expensive and you will have to stay your mother over the program for this, you are sorry, it is for babies, you are not a baby anymore, etc. and since nothing worked, I decided to approach the problem more pragmatically. In the end, it has been proven that it works successfully.

So ... I started giving him money. Little by little, more than the reward for the sleep of lunch (in us the sleep has always been a chore for all the parties involved), more to a sorcova, more to the involvement in feeding the cat ... Slowly, slowly, he started to gather some pennies there, on who count them and recount them every evening with conscientiousness.

When he collected about 100 lei, I passed with my heart like a flea, but with enough confidence, in the first supermarket, where the ritual circle started in the first rayon. That of toys.

The first stop, a Bakugan, obviously more evolved and more multitasking than the 157 Bakugans he already had, carefully stored under the bed, in the bathtub and in the laundry basket.

"Mama, p-this I don't have it! And I must have it, because it gets over my head and becomes ... %% ¤ # jdbvkjdbv" (something unintelligible)

"Sure, baby!", I answer serenely, like a beginner at the first parachute jump.

Believing he doesn't hear well and used to being a fierce resistance to any desire, he makes big eyes, moves from one leg to another and doesn't know how to react.

"Mama," he begins shyly, "sure, sure, can I take him?" The eyes are still as large as two pairs.

"Yes, how not ..." and here I make a big break, so, for effect ... "you just have enough money."

Again, the shock is total. In brackets, Matei was and still is a very kind child with his money, sometimes even scrawny, and extremely generous with others.

"Well how, how," he stammers and begins to grind his fingers, a clear sign that his nervousness has reached its highest levels, "that is, to take it from my money?"

"Well, why not? You only have 100 lei and the Bakugan only costs about 60, so you still have a lot of money, a lot, believe me! Let's take it!" I mimic the enthusiasm quite well.

Faced with such an unexpected upset, it is clear that the small businessman is in a major impasse.

"Hmmm, stay a little," he jokes and turns around, just around the corner, where I see him struggling to count on his fingers and grind something into his beard.

"Hey, Matthew, but what are you doing there?"

"Number to see how much money I have left ... Do you tell me how much remains?"

"Well, baby, if you take your Bakugan you have left ... ohohooo ... about 40 lei!"

"40 ... of ... lei?" he murmurs, ready to burst into tears.


He pauses and bursts into tears.

"Why are things so expensive? How to cost such a toy so muuuuult? Why do these bad people want to rob the children? I have almost nothing left! And until I do and 100 lei will pass so muuuuuult, that it's just the Maya moon and it's still a lot until the holiday !!!! "

He only stops to draw some air in the chest and suddenly changes the register, man.

"Ready! Let's go, because I'm not taking it anymore. Bakugans are stupid!" he props himself well on his feet and throws the toy back on the shelf.

"I never take those nonsense from Bakugani again! And anyway, I have too many!" he concludes all the peasantry, not without a dose of tragic voice.

My dear, one thing I want to say to you and I'm going. This was the dramatic end of the era of Bakugani, Gormiti, Gasca from garbage, etc., as well as of the spendthrift through shops on piles of toys that are now lying in the corners.

C-that's his life. Any change can only be achieved with a Revolution.

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