Peas with peas in milk sauce

Peas with peas in milk sauce

The pea dish with chicken breast is very fond of the little ones, and if you follow our recipe, your little one will be delighted. A special recipe for chicken with peas in milk sauce.

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Preparation time

50 minutes




200 g chicken breast

1 small red onion

400 g frozen peas (or jar)

200 ml milk

2 tablespoons flour

4 tablespoons oil



Method of preparation

Heat the finely chopped onion in a pan in which you put half of the oil, then add the frozen peas and water to cover the peas.

Leave everything to a boil, and in the meantime, pull the chicken breast to the pan, in the remaining oil. The chicken breast must have been cut into strips and given through the flour.

After the chicken breast has browned, gently add the milk and let it drop. Pour over the milk sauce and boiled peas, taste with a little salt and pepper and allow 3-4 minutes to decrease.

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