Pudding with apples and grapes

Pudding with apples and grapes

If you really like fruit puddings, you can make a lot of combinations, depending on your own tastes - here is a pudding recipe with apples and grapes.


Preparation time

30 minutes




30 g flour

200 ml milk

1 tablespoon cocoa

200 g grapes

Mar 1

1/2 lemon

Method of preparation

Bring the milk to a boil with the sugar, then remove from the heat and leave it to cool for about 10 minutes.

Separately, in another bowl, add the flour and cocoa. Pour over these slightly cooled milk and mix everything with a slurry, so that you do not stay cuddly.

Bring this composition to a boil, until it thickens, like a pea. Add the peeled bark from half a lemon.

Cut the apple into thin slices and wash the grapes.

Put cocoa pudding in cups, alternating with layers of apple and grapes.

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