Some things even get better with the passing of years. Here are these!

Some things even get better with the passing of years. Here are these!

If wine and art are known to become better and more valuable with the passage of time, in terms of age, the speed with which the years pass scares us and makes us think with the horror that we age. What about staying optimistic and choosing to see many other things that simply change for the better over time?

Yes, some things even get better with the passing of years! Here are these:

Perspective: you have gone through the experimentation period, you know yourself much better and you know by now that "you are the sum of all your experiences". You have clearly set your priorities and you know what is really important, you do not lose yourself in insignificant details and you do not take everything personally. Now you know exactly how to approach them: with ease and openness. There are people who appeal to your advice, because you have an excellent vision and maturity has changed you! Would you have believed that 10 years ago?

Fear of failure: When you were younger, the smallest hop seemed impossible to overcome, and the obstacles that appeared in the way of your development seemed like true milestones. In the meantime, you have come to understand that every end brings about another beginning, that failure is sometimes inevitable and is part of life experiences and that the world does not end because of a failure. You are more calm and ready to accept whatever life has to offer, but above all, you are determined to learn something new from all your experiences, good or bad.

Self-esteem: beginnings attract uncertainty. A new job, a new relationship, a situation you are experiencing for the first time. You know yourself better now, you know exactly how much you value and what you should get back from the people around you. You are no longer happy in short-term relationships, you are no longer satisfied with a job that does not bring you satisfaction, and around you are only the people who matter and who knew how to appreciate you.

Power information: If when you were young, the TV was always on the music channel, now you are much more interested in everything that is happening around you, you are aware of what is happening both in the country and abroad. So when you turn on the TV, you get directly on the news channel! From there you find a lot of things and you even have new topics to discuss in the circle of friends.

friendships: there are probably only a few left, but they are strong. There is nothing more facade, you have kept in your life only the people with whom you are on the same wavelength and between you there is no place for childhood quarrels or annoyances from nothing. You know yourself too well, and if you chose to stay in relationships, it is clear that you will grow old together, debating memories from the days of youth.

Family reunions: if not long ago they entered the "chore" chapter, now you really value the time spent with your loved ones and you look forward to the different opportunities to gather the family and find out who did what. You have learned to appreciate the people in the family and to accept them as they are, you want to enjoy their presence in your life, until it is too late.

Boredom versus time with you: if before you were looking for every free moment to spend it with your friends or organize different activities with your family, now a good wine glass and a book are a good way to relax and disconnect. You appreciate the moments when you are alone and you are not forced to put together a program that will thank more people. You only consider yourself and your pleasures!

Sex gets better with age: yes yes, you read well! Hormones are no longer in power as they were in their 20s and you enjoy a different kind of sex then. You are more confident in yourself, you know exactly what you like, you are much more relaxed, you approach sex with a different attitude and the results are tailor-made. For nothing it is said that "the old chicken makes a good soup"!

finance: you have more to offer at work and you earn better. The period of youth is often marked by different shortcomings, many of them due to low incomes, but with the passage of time you gain experience and you get paid as you go. The children have grown up, the house is being developed, it's time to pamper yourself!

Not all aspects of the passage of time are positive, there are also shortcomings of course. But it depends only on you how you choose to live: count the passing of the years and regret that you are no longer very young, or accept with a smile on your lips all that life can offer you. It is not for nothing that every age has its own beauty!

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