Pregnancy and fibroids

Pregnancy and fibroids


- We have a problem and we do not know what to do, my friend has a fibroid of 10 cm, she is pregnant in the fourth month, and is not developed as for this age, what to do? Are they likely to hold the baby?


Very bad that your girlfriend got pregnant this month without treating this huge fibroid. Although there are many risks (spontaneous abortion, dystocia, etc.), however, chances are good that it will be successful at term, and if the problem is reached, the only problem is that of subnormal weight, which usually recovers.
It must be considered a very high risk pregnancy that should be carefully monitored with the help of an obstetrician who has not only a great experience, but to come to the hospital immediately in case an emergency hospitalization is needed.
It is good to discuss this delicate aspect beforehand with the obstetrician and get a commitment from him, along with the mobile phone number. Ultrasound should be done every month or even more often if the obstetrician deems it necessary. Find a clinic as close to home as possible.
Make a plan for emergencies (the most unpleasant can appear in the second trimester of pregnancy, especially in the sixth month), a plan that should include the following aspects: be sure you understand the doctor's explanations regarding the signs of pregnancy. alarm; to determine who and by what means your friend is taken to the hospital (the public ambulance service is good to represent "plan B"); always have a means of communication at hand; to have a ready-made bag containing the necessary items (documents, money, toothbrush, etc.). For all this it is wise to prepare from now on an amount of around 1000 Euro.
Dr. Mihnea Dragomir,
specialist in family medicine.

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