What baby names are trending in 2016?

What baby names are trending in 2016?

Couples who are preparing to become parents in 2016 have many challenges ahead. One of them is finding a baby name.

It is an extremely important choice, which will define the whole existence of your child, so it must be done with great care.

In recent years, foreign names have become more and more popular, with parents inspired by pop culture to choose the child's first name. The traditional Romanian names also came back in trend. Names like Ilinca or Ileana they are more and more frequent, although for a long time they were no longer among the parents' preferences.

The most popular names of children currently in our country are for girls Maria, Elena and Ioana, and in the case of boys Andrei, David and Alexander. Generally, parents want unique names for their children, but they also want to give a Christian holy name for the little one to celebrate their namesake. Already it has become the rule of the second surname and more and more often we find cases of children with three first names.

If you want your baby to have a "fashionable" name, check out our list of trendy baby names in 2016:

For girls:

- Emma (Emma)
- Sofia
- Olivia
- Daria
- Antonia
- Ana
- Iris
- Ines
- Anais
- Eva

For boys:

- Yellow
- Calin
- Vladimir
- Matthew
- Luca
- Philip
- Darius
- Eric
- Stefan
- Take it

When it comes to "international" names, the Baby Center website reviews the following trends for baby names this year: for girls - Emi, Nora, Astrid, Adeline, Cleo, Luna, Olivia, Anna, Sandra, Sophia, Ciara, and in the case of boys - Alberto, Stan, Lucian, Noah, Adam, Daniel, David, Roberto, Theo, Sebastian.

How to choose the perfect name for your child

It is natural not to be determined in relation to the name of the child. Many parents go through an indecision period and it is often the case that the name chosen by the mother is not to the father's liking and vice versa.

To make it easy to choose the perfect name for your little one, we have prepared a short guide to help you with this.

1. Put all the names you like on a list

Future parents pass dozens of name ideas daily through your mind, so it would be best to make a list of both parents to contribute and to help you centralize in a way all the names you like. If you see all the names you will find it easier to choose the perfect one.

2. Name of characters in books or movies

You will find a true source of inspiration in your favorite books and movies. If you liked the features of a character, you can name the child after him. The name of the historical personalities can also become the name of your child. Many parents choose names from television series, one notable case being "The Throne of Thrones" which was the inspiration for newborns around the world.

3. The names of grandparents and grandparents

You might even find a nice name in your family. Think of the names of your grandparents and great-grandparents, the traditional Romanian names are in trend and, in addition, it will be a special name precisely because it belonged to another member of your family.

4. Follow the statistics with the name given in previous years

The names given to newborns in a year are centralized, so you can look at the statistics of recent years for name ideas or to see if the name you choose is among them. Many parents believe that they have chosen a special name for their child and then realize that he is actually among the most popular.

5. Get inspired by the names of celebrities or the names of royal families

Celebrities in the world of film, music or sport have often been the ones who set trends not only in clothing or accessories, but also in the case of choosing baby names. In our country, for example, it was a real phenomenon in this sense stirred by the performances of Nadia Comaneci, so that many girls received this name at birth.

And the names given by members of royal families can be an example. This year the youngest member of the British royal family, Princess Charlotte, was born, a name that almost instantly became very popular among English-born infants. The name "Diana" is another popular option for girls, after the British princess Lady Di.

After you have decided on a name, use it regularly to get used to it and to see if it is really the best choice. At the same time, in choosing the perfect name for the child you should also consider the family name and how they sound together. Pay attention to the cacophonies by joining the two names, as well as repetitive associations that don't sound good.

Avoid giving the child a diminutive form of the name. He will not remain a child all his life, he will become an adult, he will arrive in professional environments and he will certainly not be very pleased to address his subordinates or the boss with "Mr. Vladut" or "Mrs. Crinuta".

Parents have complete freedom when it comes to naming children, but there are rules that must be followed.

In 2011 an article was changed in the Civil Code so that "it is forbidden to register by the civil status officer the indecent, ridiculous and other names, such as to affect the public order and the good morals or the interests of the child, as the case may be." The bizarre names will therefore be rejected by those from the Population Evidence Directorate.

Choosing a name is harder than it seems, and psychologists point out that the name has a major importance on a person and puts a mark on the development of a child. Parents should not let their imagination run wild when they give their children names in order not to put them in situations where they might be ridiculed because of a common name.

Would you choose a name from our list for your little one? Have you already decided on a name for the little one? Have you heard any other names that are going to be popular this year and are you freaking out? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below!

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