Cosmetic Plant launches LiftUp, a new range with 5 products based on a special lifting cocktail

Cosmetic Plant launches LiftUp, a new range with 5 products based on a special lifting cocktail

The new range contains special ingredients: hyaluronic acid, LIFTONIN®-XPRESS and magnolia extract

For women who are becoming more and more demanding about the antiaging cosmetics used, Cosmetic Plant is launching LiftUp, a new range designed to rejuvenate the skin and help maintain its beauty and health.

In this way, the company resorted to a real lifting cocktail consisting of hyaluronic acid, LIFTONIN®-XPRESS and a delicate magnolia extract.

"Anti-wrinkle creams are our strong point and, for this reason, we are constantly looking for new active ingredients with antiaging effect. This time, we turned to the known anti-wrinkle effects of hyaluronic acid, which for an instant lifting effect, we combined with LIFTONIN®-XPRESS, and for added fineness I added magnolia extract, "he said Susana Laszlo, General Manager of Cosmetic Plant.

After almost two years of development, the LiftUp range comprises five innovative products, three of which represent a premiere for the company's portfolio. Thus, in addition to the Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream and the Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream, LiftUP also includes an Instant Lift Gel, Instant Lift Serum, as well as a special eye makeup remover, which is a novelty in Cosmetic Plant range.

According to the company, the basic ingredient of the new range is hyaluronic acid, a major component of the extracellular matrix, which ensures rapid and long-lasting hydration. In addition, through a much easier penetration into the skin layers, it reduces the depth of wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin. The specialists of Cosmetic Plant have not only stopped at this ingredient, because they considered that it is not enough to provide the skin with a contribution of hyaluronic acid from the outside, but it must stimulate its synthesis from the inside.

To determine this very important thing, they enriched the LiftUp range with ribose (RiboxylTM). This, in addition to the demonstrated effects of stimulating cellular metabolism, increases the synthesis of hyaluronic acid by 55%.

Equally important is LIFTONIN®-XPRESS, an innovative ingredient with instant lifting effect, extracted from a microalgae originating in the Red Sea. Due to this, on the surface of the skin a film with an immediately visible stretching effect is formed which lasts up to 6 hours (* tests performed by the active ingredient manufacturer).

"Last but not least, due to its rich content in polyphenols, the magnolia extract offers a special note to this combination, ensuring an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect," added the company representative.

The products, whose prices are between 14.7 and 25.5 lei, were designed for care normal / dry skin, while the Instant Lift Gel addresses normal / mixed skin. The range is intended for women between the ages of 30-70, who want to maintain or regain their firmness and shine. In addition, the advantages of the range are also noticeable at the level modern and hygienic packaging, which allow an exact dosage of the products, thanks to the vials with airless systems and the bottle with the pipette.

With a light texture, the anti-wrinkle cream works from the first minutes of application, smoothing the wrinkles, increasing the tone and moisturizing the skin. Due to hyaluronic acid, it has been shown to increase skin elasticity by 14% and reduce its asperities by up to 10%, after 4-8 weeks of use (* tests performed by the active ingredient manufacturer).

At the same time, Night Wrinkle Cream nourishes and regenerates the skin, diminishing the depth of wrinkles, so that on awakening, the skin will look smoother, brighter and revitalized. Vitamin A from the composition of the cream stimulates cell renewal, Vitamin F helps regenerate the cell membrane, and Vitamin E increases the elasticity and hydration of the skin.

Instant Lift Gel, specially developed for normal / mixed skin, it has an ultra-absorbent texture concentrated in active ingredients with the role of stretching and reducing wrinkles. In addition to the three basic ingredients with a strong anti-wrinkle and lifting effect, the gel also contains encapsulated vitamin E, which acts as an inside moisturizer, preventing premature aging of the skin by inhibiting lipid peroxidation.

Due to the high content of LIFTONIN®-XPRESS, hyaluronic acid and RiboxylTM, Instant Lift Serum it forms on the surface of the skin a film with immediate stretching effect, visible after 1-5 minutes and maintained for up to 6 hours * and has an intense anti-wrinkle action (* tests performed by the active ingredient manufacturer).

Last but not least, the LiftUp range also contains a Cleansing Milk, designed to effectively clean the sensitive area of ​​the eyes and face, thanks to the formula of the product that contains carefully selected ingredients for removing normal makeup and even waterproof makeup.

The new range is available in Auchan, Cora - Romania Hypermarche, DM DrogerieMarkt networks, various pharmacies and natural shops in the country, as well as in the manufacturer's online store:, and in the long term, the company aims to include it in projects. for export.