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Hydrated skin for a well-being, with NIVEA nourishing body milk

Hydrated skin for a well-being, with NIVEA nourishing body milk

The cold season brings about changes in the metabolism of the skin, so that once it is no longer able to produce enough moisturizing and lipid-like agents, it is prone to dryness.

NIVEA recommends the nourishing body milk that helps you maintain the optimum hydration balance, saying goodbye to the feeling of dry skin!

The first oil-emulsion body care formula in water, the nourishing milk from NIVEA, reduces the roughness of the skin from the first application and maintains the superior hydration for 24 hours. Its light texture, rich in natural minerals, almond oil and Vitamin E, intensely moisturizes your skin, restoring the natural barrier of protection against free radicals.

NIVEA Price Nutritious body milk: 17.81 lei (250ml); 23.31 lei (400 ml).

A well-being is more than a physical sensation. We challenge you to start the 5-step program, developed by renowned psychologist * Paula Davis-Laack, which will help you relieve stress and enhance your well-being, restoring your positive mindset.

Step 1: When you are stressed, stop and focus on what your mind and body are feeling.

Step 2: Make yourself a "If ... then" type of habit, with the help of spending quality time for yourself. For example, if it is Monday, then you will go to the hall or, if it is already evening, then you will have a light snack.

Step 3: Enjoy the positive emotions and let your thoughts fly.

Step 4: Put yourself on your own list of priorities and create moments dedicated to you in which you can enjoy the things that bring you the most satisfaction, without being pressured by a certain time interval. For example, you can spend time arranging your hair, in your favorite place in the house.

Step 5: Embrace your loved ones. A tight hug or a warm touch on the skin relieves stress and eliminates oxytocin, a beneficial hormone that contributes greatly to relaxation and self-confidence.

* Paula Davis-Laack is an internationally renowned writer and psychologist who teaches trainings and coaching courses for renowned professionals from the United States, Europe, Asia or Australia. Graduate of the Master of Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, Paula is the founder and CEO of "Davis Laack Stress & Resilience Institute", an organization that aims to help professionals from various fields of activity manage healthy stress to prevent exhaustion. and to increase the adaptability.