BebeStil, with love for your baby

BebeStil, with love for your baby

BebeStil Online Store it emerged from the desire of happy parents to offer all their babies special clothes and gifts, chosen with great care and love. They are new products, of a high quality, assured by quality certificates. Most of the products come, in particular, from large manufacturers and distributors in the UK, but we also have French products.

All products are intended for infants and children up to 3 years. The shop can offer you gift sets, which harmoniously combines the useful with the pleasing, personalized clothes, baby style clothes, refined baptismal gifts, motorcycle cutting and other occasions, etc.

We have, exclusively for Romania, clothes with funny messages, brand Dirty Fingers. They are high quality English products, offered to babies and children up to 3 years.

Dirty Fingers is a well-known UK brand that creates, produces and markets worldwide a unique line of baby and children clothing up to 11 years old. All the clothes are printed funny slogans and original images, each one with a fingerprint and a series on the back, which gives them uniqueness! This original brand of the brand ensures that there are no 2 products in the world!

All the products are made of cotton, of a high quality, respecting all the requirements imposed in the production process. The models we offer have slogans adapted in the Romanian language. Some models have been kept in the original version, in English, in order not to miss the meaning and sound of the slogan.

Also, thinking about the health and comfort of our babies, we offer organic cotton products, recommended for their skin so sensitive.

Organic cotton is pure, natural and fine for delicate skin. Due to the lack of paints, toxins and harmful chemicals, it does not irritate sensitive and young skin. Pesticides and chemicals from conventional agriculture, used for clothes, diapers, bed linen, block the skin's natural balance, preventing it from "breathing", often causing allergies and eczema on the baby's sensitive skin.

Also, because organic cotton is not treated in the manufacturing process, these fabrics are much more resistant to breakage, friction, repeated washing. Another advantage is that, over time, their color does not change, does not fade.

The BebeStil online store offers a wide range of organic baby cotton products - bodysuits, pajamas, baby suits, gift sets of a high quality provided by quality certificates.

Another aspect that we took into account and which represents a very important moment in the life of our babies is baptism. Thus we offer you refined gifts, with style that can be offered on this occasion, but also on the occasion of cutting the word.

Find at Bebestil holders for keeping the baptismal certificate, boxes for preserving the first tooth and first carlion, silver figurines with Swarovski crystals, albums and photo frames as well as other gifts. There are only a few suggestions of gifts that can be made on these occasions and, by their refinement, they will immortalize these moments, making them last forever.

Baby invites you to visit them and admire the products. Your child deserves the best and the Baby is with you to give her a refined, "stylish" gift. All are offered with love, for your baby!

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