Gabriel Solomon ran for 24 hours for the benefit of the Save the Children Organization

Gabriel Solomon ran for 24 hours for the benefit of the Save the Children Organization

Gabriel Solomon ran over 200 kilometers for 24 hours for the benefit of Save the Children Romania

In the absolute premiere for Romania, ultramarathoner Gabriel Solomon, a member of the Ro Club Marathon, ran on the track 219.23 kilometers for 24 hours, thus ranking on 8th place in the best results in the world at similar races. The action was carried out for charitable purposes, for the benefit of the child mortality reduction program 'Every child counts', carried out by the organization Save the Children Romania.

Approximate 18,000 Euros they gathered from donations and sponsorships following the event held on Saturday, May 26 and Sunday, May 27 at Baneasa Shopping City. Although the action ended, donations remain open on the website www.42pentruosansa.ro/24h.

"I am very happy that with this race I managed to exceed expectations, because I ran 219.23 km, thus ranking me 8th in the top of the best results recorded in the world at similar races. And for me it was a challenge, but I wanted this action to sound an alarm regarding infant mortality in Romania. I think that each one of us should do something about it and get more involved. This race represents my contribution in a charity campaign that I hope will give an extra chance to the newborns in Romania, "said Gabriel Solomon.

In addition to the test supported by Gabriel Solomon, during the "Run for children" event, two other tests were held:

  • Relay, in which 12 amateur athletes organized a pole so that the cumulative run of 24 hours. These were: Stefan Oprina, Victor Vlad, Bogdan Agache, Florin Szomyu, Mihai Orleanu, Cirpian Balanescu, Alex Diaconu, Florin Precup, Serban Chiurlea, Andrei Gligor, Razvan Staicu, Marian Chiriac.
  • King of Speed, a 15-minute running test open to participants who wanted to contribute to the Save the Children cause. At this event they showed the support of several stars, among them Daciana Sarbu, Andi Moisescu, Amalia Nastase, Dana Razboiu, Cristina Pocora, Dan Cruceru, Steven van Groningen, Valeria Racila, Mircea Badea and Carmen Bruma.

"I would like to thank Gabriel Solomon and the people from RO Marathon for the initiative of organizing such an event. 24 hours is a winner and an example for all of us, that's why we like to call him the "Honorary Member" of the Save the Children organization. At the same time, I would like to thank all the marathoners involved in the Relay race and all those who came to run on the King of Speed ​​race, thus contributing, through donations and personal example, to supporting our program to reduce infant mortality, "Every child counts". Thanks to sponsors, media partners, Mihaelei Radulescu, Andreei Raicu , to Dani Otil and Cristian China Birta for promoting this event and outside the area of ​​activation ", said Gabriela Alexandrescu, Executive President Save the Children Romania.

"We have responded to the challenge of running the King of Speed ​​trial because the program for reducing infant mortality 'Every child counts' is addressed to us all. In Romania, 2000 newborns die annually. One third of these deaths can be prevented through educating and informing mothers and future mothers in poor areas and communities, but also by providing maternity care with high-quality medical equipment, all these activities are supported by the Save the Children organization, and we have a duty to involve and contribute each one through donations. or volunteering, "said Amalia Nastase, Ambassador of the project 'Every child counts'.