5 things you need to know about raising a child

5 things you need to know about raising a child

The arrival of a child in the world totally changes the life of the parents, and raising them is the biggest test they give. Life with a child is a carousel of emotions, every day is a new challenge.

It is also a test of patience, because it is not easy to raise a child. It is, in fact, the most important examination of life for an adult. And of course every parent wants to pass the test with the maximum score. But for this he must be prepared for sleepless nights and innumerable worries. Because life is no longer about him, but now he has a responsibility, a life that depends on him.

But all the sleepless nights of the parents, the worries and fatigue that only a mother and a father can understand will melt into the smiles of his chicken. Here are some things any parent should know about raising a child:

Children do not master the notion of time

Any parent who has lost patience countless times knows that for a child the phrase "we must leave now" does not have the same meaning as for an adult. This is because the little ones simply do not understand the concept of time. According to Dr. Tovah Klein, because babies and young children do not master the notion of time and because they have a developing brain, they have not internalized the skills that help them organize their time, express their needs or plan certain things.

Young children are living now, which is why when a parent tells the child "we have to leave in five minutes," that parent knows that this will not happen during the planned time. Because a child does not have this notion of time, he really does not know what the five minutes mean. Until the first years of kindergarten and school, a child will have a hard time understanding the notion of time. In this case it is advisable to create a routine and use words such as "first", "then", "then".

For them, the world is about power and control

We propose a simple exercise for a few minutes, try to think from the perspective of a child. Parents are the ones in control, a child has little to say about decisions about what to eat or where to go.

After all, those who decide for them are the parents because a child does not know how to make the distinction between good and bad, but you must pay close attention to them, because it is important to learn to make decisions.

When your child is gossiping, does not like the X dress or does not like the Y food, it is good to give him the freedom to choose. Show her several pairs of shoes and ask which one she wants to wear. If he is picky about food, make sure you always have something he likes.

If you give them some options, you will help your child feel he has control over the situation. "I guarantee that if you see the relationship between you and the child as a game of power, with you as a parent always trying to gain control, you have to prove more and more power to win, as the child grows up. it will turn into a fight, and the child will start to react, to show you that he is strong, "says specialist Tovah Klein. That is why it is better to be in the same positions.

Happiness does not come from a parent's attempts to make their child happy

Children are happy when they feel safe. It is not the right attitude to try to please your children all the time, considering that you make these efforts for their happiness. For example, if he wants a chocolate, don't run to the store to buy it, but show him that he can survive without it. Thus, you will show them that they can handle it in any situation.

It is okay to have moments when not everything is pink

Every parent lives in fear that his or her child will not suffer. From the first moments of the child's life, parents have all kinds of worries, but they don't have to become very protective of the child. Try to supervise him "out of the shadow", to give him the impression that he makes the decisions alone, which will increase his self-esteem. Do not panic every time you fall, so you learn to be strong, to stand up for yourself, which will be of great help to you throughout your life. The child will learn something useful from any unpleasant experience.

He will develop the ability to adapt, but also independence, qualities that he will need much when he becomes an adult and will raise children. Often the mere presence of mommy or daddy can create the feeling that he is in danger and can inhibit him. So, let him play alone, and if, for example, in the park he has a conflict with another child, do not immediately intervene in their quarrel.

Another mistake that a parent does not have to make is to always tell the child what he is not allowed to do, in a broken tone. The excessive authority of a parent will not do anything good for the child, because he will not trust his own strengths.

Things that get rid of parents can become the assets of children

Children are extremely curious, they always like to ask questions and find out as much about what is going on around them. And when you get tired from work, it seems like you can't stand and answer them, patiently, at the question shoot or at the desire to play in the park. And that's not all.

The little ones can be so stubborn that they won't let anything from them. Well, all these facts that get you out of your baby jump can turn into his best friends, when he becomes an adult because he will be a person who knows how to defeat, to fight until the white cloth for justice to, but also to get everything he wants.

He will be a successful adult, with a strong character, who will not be let down by the difficulties that his life will put in his path.

What do you think? Did you already know these things about raising a child? Write us in the comment section below.

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