Snow-white comes to the Peasant's Club

Snow-white comes to the Peasant's Club

On Sunday, May 13, from 10.30 and 12.00, Zurli awaits you at the Peasant Club with the show "Snow White".

The classic story is adapted in the Zurli style. White as Snow, Master and Mutulica manage to stage the story thread in an unconventional space and atypical manner. The show is based on the involvement of the children and has a moral: the little ones should not let go in the house of people they do not know, not talk at all with strangers and not receive gifts from them. A beautiful, clean, entertaining show, realized with dedication and love for the little ones.

Duration of the show - 40 min.

Snow White - Brandusa Draghici / Bianca Hedes
Master - Andreea Gaica / Antonia Ciuceanu
Mutulica - Radu Micu / Alex Stama
Adaptation - Mirela Retegan
Artistic coordination - Gabi Gheorghe
Project Manager - Cornel Mihalache
A show adapted by Mirela Retegan, produced by the Zurli Event Company.


Zurli Theater from the Peasant's Club
We have performances from 10.30 and from 12.00.
Phone: 0728.295.872
Email: [email protected]
The price of a ticket 10 lei / person.
We have chairs, benches, pillows and good cheer!
The principle is: All those who have a reservation have access to the room !!!
In the limit of the places left free, the spectators enter without reservation, if they have patience!
At our shows the children are the ones who bring their parents to the theater, the little ones dance before the performance and the big ones applaud them with all their heart !!! In the end everyone gets candy !!!

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