Week 35 of pregnancy - the to-do list

Week 35 of pregnancy - the to-do list

It gives you a list of things to do during pregnancy, week by week! We help you with a list of essential things to do!

- look in the mirror, lift up your blouse and stand aside - isn't it that your tummy has grown more than you imagined in the last week? If you really want to see the difference, quickly make a picture and add it to the ones from the previous weeks, because very soon you will have the opportunity to make, finally, the original photo album you are working on; the fetus is the size of a very large coconut, his lungs are completely mature, he hears better than ever and has increased limb flexibility, as the musculoskeletal system is developed;

- if you are thinking of going on a trip abroad by plane, it is time to hurry, because it is the last week in which you can fly safely; Besides the fact that flying at such an advanced age of pregnancy involves many risks that you take on, there are airlines that prohibit pregnant women from 36 weeks of pregnancy from traveling by plane;

- have you decided on the method by which you will announce the birth of the child - printed, virtual greetings, etc.? If you opt for the printed greetings, it's time to put them in envelopes, write down the names of the recipients and their addresses and send a relative or friend to send them in the first moment you go to work, for the news to arrive. in time to your loved ones and to surprise them pleasantly;

- if you have not already been informed about the real signs of labor, it is time to do so, since birth can start at any time, from now on; the main signs to follow are the abundant vaginal secretions (water breaking), very frequent and intense contractions, back pain, etc .; if the interval between two contractions is less than 90 seconds, it is time to go to the doctor, because you went into labor;

- make sure that, during this period, you always have the phones charged and a list of phone numbers of the nearby ones at hand, in case the work takes you home alone and you have to call someone to help you; if no one answers, do not wait; calls the emergency number 112 and requests an ambulance;

- did you decide on the child's name? If you still have doubts or oscillate between two options, it is time to make a decision now, before the work begins and distracts you from a decision that will significantly mark the life of the child;

- if you are one of the heroic moms, who want to work until the last day of birth, it is time to reflect on the decision and enter into prenatal leave; already your tummy is very big, you are moving harder and harder and there is a risk of getting into work at work; you need more rest, which helps you keep your energy for the moment of birth.