6 Things You Need to Know About Millennial Moms

6 Things You Need to Know About Millennial Moms

As parents, we all thought at least once in our lives of the famous "today's children" replica. The reality is that the children now have a very different childhood from ours, they grow fascinated by the screens of tablets, smartphones and no longer play saturated toys in front of the block. But parents are changing, not only the children, and today's mothers are part of the generation of millennial mothers, who follow their own rules.

Millennial mothers are part of the generations born between 1980 and 1994 and it is individualized by its own vision regarding the growth of children. We talk about mothers between 20 and 35 years old. These women certainly do not want to grow their little ones as they were raised and try to balance the balance between career and family perfectly.

Their style can sometimes seem nonconformist, certainly different from that of their own mothers, who are part of Generation X and have been extremely involved in their growth, guiding them every step, caring and engaging in their own way. active in every little aspect of their lives.

Here are 6 things that distinguish millennial mothers from those of previous generations:

1. They are smarter

Most millennials have a college diploma, unlike previous generations. Millennial mothers have a bachelor's degree, many of them also have a master's degree and many more than those of generation X have doctorates. No wonder that with these studies, their intelligence is higher.

After finishing their studies the vast majority of them have quite well paid jobs in the most diverse fields, including areas that until now were considered more for men. Millennial mothers are IT specialists, they are project managers and they have salaries large enough that they do not depend financially on their spouse / partner, whose income is generally close to that of women.

2. Technology has had a major impact on them

A millennial mother grew up riding a bicycle and finding much more to do in the park than at home in front of the TV, but she witnessed the technological breakthrough and easily adapted to it. You will definitely find in her home a smartphone, tablet and laptop, and she will be aware of what is happening on the tech market. Also, a millennial mother has accounts on several social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Many of the millennial mothers also have blogs that share their experiences both in the family and in the office. And on social media pages are extremely active, and their updates are watched and appreciated by dozens of people. In a word, millennial mothers are very popular, they have an active social life and many friends.

3. I put a price on their time only

Women of the millennial generation are not defined by the fact that they are mothers, they are not afraid to admit that sometimes they need a break, that they need time for them and they are not afraid to demand this right. I do not look at the prejudice of hiring a bone to help the little ones, nor does it consider it a nuisance. They do not think much about saving money to the detriment of a small treat for them.

At the same time, a millennial mother will not hesitate to go out from time to time with her friends or go to the beauty salon when she wants it.

4. Surprisingly, he prefers a traditional family

Although there is often talk of women becoming more focused on their careers than on family life, millennial mothers are the followers of a traditional family, where they cook for the family and deal with household chores. This is especially the case because of the growing concern for a healthy lifestyle. In the fridge and cabinets in their kitchen you will not find too many snacks or chips, but healthy snacks for children and food bought only after carefully reading all the ingredients listed on the label.

Prefer to cook more at home and carefully choose ingredients. They take great care in what they eat, as well as all the family members, and it is their pleasure to prepare the meal for the family and to wait for their husband with dinner ready.

5. They are more stressed and work harder

Unlike their mothers, who had a job with a relatively low level of stress, who never stayed at the office almost never over the program and who were not particularly concerned about the possibility of losing their jobs, millennial mothers have reached maturity and have entered the labor field in an extremely difficult period from an economic point of view.

Even though they spent many more years in universities, when they graduated, the number of jobs decreased dramatically. Once employed, they have faced and continue to face continuous stress and high pressure. Many times I sit in the office over schedule and work on weekends.

6. They have a different approach to their mothers

Millennial mothers approach all aspects of parenting differently from how their mothers did. With limited time available, they try to compensate through an active presence in children's lives. They play more with the little ones, they take them with them everywhere where they have to solve tasks, they keep a close connection with the teachers and teachers by e-mails and they go with their little ones to courses, creative, artistic workshops, to develop their unconventional thinking. .

On the other hand, because of the weather, they gave up many of the tasks their mothers did. He does not follow blind rules and do not do things just because "he should", he does not care what other moms think about his parenting style and he does not personally judge other women for the way their children are raised.

Are you part of the generation of millennial mothers? Did you recognize yourself in our description? Write us in the comment section below!

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