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Week 13 of pregnancy - the list of things to do

Week 13 of pregnancy - the list of things to do

It gives you a list of things to do during pregnancy, week by week! We help you with a list of essential things to do!

- it is time for a new picture of the belly, especially since, from one week to another, the differences will be increasing; now, the fetus has already reached the size of a peach, and his head measures a third of the whole body; one can already "boast" that he has fingerprints formed and that he "works" on the development of vocal chords, so that he can be heard as soon as possible after birth;

- If you have already announced your pregnancy at work, it is time to think about maternity leave, so as not to be caught by managers when they will ask you what you plan to do after birth; decide whether or not you will stay at home and if so, exactly (1 or 2 years), but not before taking into account the impact that these decisions have on the family budget and child development;

- Avoid treating your varicose veins that start to form on your feet; are a common symptom of pregnancy, caused by increased volume and blood flow in the body; these eggplant stripes on the skin tend to worsen their appearance as you get pregnant, but the good news is that they pass by themselves after giving birth;

- already look for a crèche if you plan to return to work quickly after birth; It may still seem early, but finding the right nursery takes a long time, and waiting lists for the best ones are often endless, so it is worth reserving a place for the baby to be born within a few months;

- prepare your children for the new sibling - if you have other children, it is time to gradually prepare them for the baby's arrival in the world, because your tummy has started to show and when you least expect it, the little ones will be curious about what is going on with your body; you should not overwhelm them with much information from now, but you can open a discussion about the brother they will have, to see what they feel about this change in your family and to have enough time to process the information and to get used to the idea;

- it's time for more sports - as the unpleasant symptoms from the beginning of pregnancy disappear and you get more into the second trimester of pregnancy, you can enjoy more energy and well being; you can take advantage of the good tone to do a little more physical movement than usual; do not venture alone in workouts and sports that you do not know if you are safe for pregnancy; it is best to seek the advice of an instructor and to go to a room that works with pregnant women;

- it is time to rediscover the pleasure of having sex - the second trimester of pregnancy results in increased libido, which means that you will feel the need to have more sex than in any other period of pregnancy; according to the confessions of other pregnant women, this is the time when you can enjoy the most intense sexual experiences; it is worth testing their theory, is not it, and so approaching your partner again, which you have neglected lately;

- prepare yourself emotionally to face the avalanche of unsolicited pregnancy or birth advice - from the first moment you announce that you are pregnant, you will receive, besides the compliments, a lot of tips, questions and suggestions on what it is good to do and not in this period.