Why don't I like shopping? The child's point of view

Why don't I like shopping? The child's point of view

For moms, shopping can be relaxing. Women like to waste time between shelves, studying labels and trying on all kinds of clothes they don't necessarily intend to buy. Be honest, how many times have you not surprised your child in a booth on a stool near the test booth while you are trying on a skirt with pockets? How many times have you not heard the little one ask "how long" or "are we staying"? And if we keep saying, "Don't you get me something?".

Children do not like shopping

When the shopping session lasts for two hours, do not expect the little one to stand around you. It will get terribly boring, if all you have to do is hold on to yourself. If, on your pilgrimage through the mall, you enter a toy or IT equipment store, the story changes. And if you decide to leave it at the playground, instead of pulling it after you from store to store, you'll be the best mom in the world.

Put yourself in the baby's skin. Would you like to go miles through a crowded mall or hypermarket, when you have other plans in mind?

If your little one decides one day to write you a letter, he would most likely tell you the following:

Dear mother,

I love you so much and it doesn't bother me to go shopping with you from time to time. BUT please don't take me shopping regularly! And when you do, please make this moment short and charming. I really want to achieve anything, because that's how I learn. I want to touch everything, explore its texture and hear the sounds a toy makes when shaking it. And I'm always curious how they smell.

And I really want things I see. Isn't that why I went shopping? Let's buy things? And I know that if I cry long enough, for a long time, sometimes you will give in to my requests. And this is what I realized very recently - that I can get what I want.

It is especially difficult the moment we pass by the cashier's house, and all the candies, chocolates and chocolate eggs are staring at me, calling me by name. I don't understand why you don't hear that. On the other hand, it is very fun for me to play to hide your clothes, because I am small enough to hide well, so no one will ever find me. I don't quite understand why you get so upset, I was just playing.

I know that when we go shopping, I have to be so good and not touch anything, to be quiet and to behave like an adult. I really try to be so hard, but after 45 minutes, I exceed the maximum time limit in which I can behave this way. Did you know that if I am not in a stroller, I have to walk almost 4 km, from one end of the mall to the other, and that my small feet feel very tired?

When you tell me exactly where we are going and what we are going to do there, at least I know it won't take too long and I just have to learn to be patient. I like when we can talk without rushing or when we stop to look at many different things. I feel very sad and become overwhelmed when I have to run to keep up with you, and it all feels like a rush. I feel exhausted then and I have to tell you about my exhaustion. Yes, there is a tantrum.

Could we go out, please, ride a bike or feed the lake rates or run in the park an hour before shopping? When you tell me "one more thing" and then stop three more times to take another thing and one more, I am very sad.

Here are my requests, dear mother, expressed in my simple words:

Let me play first;
Tell me where we are going;
Tell me how long your shopping will take and keep your word;
Please take some water with you and maybe a few healthy snacks;
Give me some work, while shopping, because I really want to help you. I want you to be proud of me and know that I am learning.

But the most important thing I want you to remember is this: when everything goes like hell, get out! Leave everything and abandon the ship. Does not bother me at all.

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