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What foods high in iron should we include in the diet of the child?

What foods high in iron should we include in the diet of the child?

Lack of iron in the body can affect children's IQ

The beginning of the school year comes with a big challenge for children: adapting to the intense rhythm of the class hours, after a long period of relaxation. How can you help your little one achieve the desired school performance? Very simple, by including foods high in iron in the daily menu. This micronutrient is the ally of the little one for a day in the force, influencing children's comprehension and IQ, according to a study cited by Nestlé Nesquik.

Prof. Dr. Doina Plesca, pediatric primary physician, vice president of the Romanian Society of Pediatrics, explained to us how iron deficiency can affect the mental performance of the little ones:

"The early years of childhood are fundamental to the formation of intelligence, personality and the ability to learn. Due to the rapid growth and development rate, the child's body needs iron. Iron is one of the micronutrients that influence brain development, because it is present in red cell hemoglobin, a protein that transports oxygen from the lungs to the tissues of the body. Iron deficiency, occurring at an early age, has important consequences on the development of psychomotor, behavioral and cognitive performance. Thus, a reduction of the IQ by approximately 1.73 points was observed for each hemoglobin decrease by 1g / dl. Therefore, it is important that during the growing period there should be an adequate iron intake for a normal development of the little ones ".

What foods to include in the nutrition of your little one, that he be ready for the beginning of the school year

"Foods with a high iron content: eggs, liver, nausea, walnuts and salmon can increase children's attention and ability to concentrate, skills needed for class hours. Besides these foods, iron is also found in Nesquik Opti-Start, the only cocoa in Romania with iron, for concentration power, "says Nicoleta Tupita, nutrition specialist, Nestle Romania.

Thus, a rich iron menu is complemented by NESQUIK Opti-Start, your reliable help for active days, thanks to the delicious taste of chocolate loved by children. The new NESQUIK Opti-Start formula has a unique content of vitamins and minerals, which helps the healthy growth of children: IRON for energy and concentration power, zinc for the proper functioning of the immune system and vitamin D for proper absorption of calcium and phosphorus, the latter being naturally contained in milk.

So don't forget: FIER every school day!