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Baby toys, what do you need to know?

Baby toys, what do you need to know?

The baby's toys play an essential role in its development and help it adapt more easily to the environment, from the first day of birth. When the baby is a baby, it is important to opt for toys that contribute to the development of the senses, the basic motor functions, the skills, but which also encourage the acquisition of language and speech. Here's what kind of toys to take your baby, but also the essential criteria on which to choose!

Baby stores abound in models and colors as varied and interesting as toys, which immediately grab your attention. If you could, don't hesitate to buy all of your baby's. But more important than the fact that they can be colorful or extremely attractive, is that they must stimulate the development of the main skills and abilities specific to the age.

Choosing baby toys

Even before birth, children are genetically programmed to learn and explore everything around them. From the first days of life, the child reacts and is easily attracted by visual, auditory or tactile objects or stimuli that are found around him.

Up to the age of 6 months, it is recommended to choose toys that stimulate their development of senses and motor skills.

Buy her toys:

  • which make (ringing) noises;
  • light (carousel);
  • mobile phones for colorful and musical toys;
  • teething toys;
  • special mirrors for babies - shock resistant (from which the girls are especially attracted);
  • play centers for infants (encourages reaching and grasping various things);
  • music and video CDs, which stimulate the development of sight and hearing.

Starting with the age of 6 months and up to one year, it is important to encourage interactive play and to choose specific toys in this regard. It is the period in which games that involve the movements and the beating of the palms or the mimic of the face, such as the cuckoo-bau, are essential for its development.

By this age and after that, the child becomes more and more aware of the environment. Maricel has grown, and the skills of catching, dragging, pulling, throwing and walking the bush or standing, with support, are in full progress.

Bebe has a strong desire to discover and know the environment better by grabbing, pulling and throwing things around. In addition, discover the cause-effect process in shaking and throwing certain things.

Fine motor skills begin to take shape, and the child catches and manipulates more and more toys with handcuffs. Hand-eye coordination also improves and it is the moment when one has to be stimulated to speak and develop their language, as well as to say the first words.

It is advisable to choose toys that will contribute to the development of these acquisitions and skills that the baby is just learning and discovering. Among the most recommended toys, between 6-12 months, are:

  • musical toys;
  • bath toys;
  • push-pull toys;
  • baby rings;
  • building blocks made of rubber or soft materials;
  • books made of soft materials;
  • multifunctional play centers;
  • sorting toys;
  • Stuffed toys.

Beyond the choice of toys according to the age and development level of the baby, it is important to consider the material from which they are created. Besides the fact that it has to be as natural as possible, it is essential that the material from which the toys are made to provide the baby's safety during use.

Avoid materials that contain many toxic and easily irritating or allergenic substances. Between 0 and 1 year, the baby is not allowed to play with products made of hard materials, which could easily injure him during their handling. Even those that are easily broken or easily broken down into small pieces are not recommended because of the risk of injury or suffocation.

Last but not least, always choose the toys on the label that write all the ingredients that have entered their composition, but also mentioned that they have been tested and approved by the approved bodies that deal with the rules for the safety of children.

Recommendations for toys for babies

Albinuta zingers

Recommended for infants over 3 months old, the Albinuta sucker is useful in developing the senses, the motor skills, but also the thinking of the little one. It does not contain phthalates and other toxic substances.

Price: 35 lei

Musical carousel

The musical carousel offers the baby a variety of sounds, movements and colors, all in one device that attaches to the crib. It is provided with daylight and is recommended for infants from the first day of birth.

Price: 279 lei

Teething toys

In the form of a pest, the teething toy is specially designed to relieve the pain of the baby during the tooth eruption. Specially designed to adapt to the child's hand and mouth, the teething toy helps to massage and relieve pain in the gums.

Price: 35 lei

Play center

Wiggle - Infantine Worm Play Center is ideal for infants between 0-5 months. It stimulates the development of the main sensory and fine motor skills of the baby. After 5 months, it is advisable to change it with a multifunctional activity center, which will adapt to the age and encourage new purchases from its development.

Price: 129 lei

Books made of soft material

Even if between 0 and 1 year of age the child is a bit small to manipulate and explore the hard covers of ordinary books or pages of paper, the baby can get acquainted with the first books, even at this age.

The soft material book is "friendly" to the sensitive skin of the baby and takes care of its safety while playing with it and turning it all over.

Price: 28 lei

How did you choose your baby's toys? Based on what criteria did you make the choice? Who was your baby most attached to? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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