Why is it important to protect the skin of children when exposed to the sun?

Why is it important to protect the skin of children when exposed to the sun?

Why is it important to protect the skin of children when exposed to the sun?

It is healthy for the little ones to spend a lot of time in the fresh air, but it is not recommended the exposure without protection to the sun, especially in children under 3 years. Exaggerated sun exposure in childhood increases the risk of developing malignant melanoma of the skin (one of the worst forms of cancer).

In order to minimize the harmful effect of UV rays on the skin of children, it is recommended to apply protective creams with filters throughout the year. We must not forget that both the skin of the face and the skin of the children need protection.

What kind of protective creams are suitable for babies and babies?

It is very important for the skin of children to choose products with the highest protection factor SPF 50+ or ​​30, because their skin is very delicate.

A good solution is the use of products with a content of chemical and mineral filters that ensures high protection and minimizes the risk of an intolerance reaction.

Can any protective cream be used for children and infants?

Newborn creams should be carefully selected. It is necessary to choose only those that are specially designed for children and respond to the needs of their immature (thin and delicate) skin. The products must be hypoallergenic and water resistant. In particular, the preparations chosen must be dermatologically and clinically tested. An additional advantage is the ingredients that prevent drying and irritation of the skin. Protective creams for children should not contain scented substances that can cause allergies.

SPF 50+ very high protection - Sunscreen for face and body

The cream was created with the purpose of providing an efficient and safe protection of sensitive children's skin against the negative action of the sun and external factors.

The product contains a system of UVA and UVB photostable filters with dual anti-UV mechanism (which reflects and absorbs the sun's rays), thus ensuring a very high protection against solar radiation and its harmful effects. The formula of cream enriched with passiflora oil soothes irritations and reduces the negative impact of external factors.

Folic acid completes the cream formula, giving the skin cells extra protection. The oily extract of Laminaria ochroleuca (brown algae) ensures the proper hydration of the skin, preventing the drying and loss of water.

It has a water-resistant formula and absorbs quickly. Do not leave greasy and sticky traces.

Recommended price 49 RON (125 ml)

Pharmaceris has prepared an offer for adults too - the special package containing face cream, SPF 50+ and hydrolytic lip balm, SPF 50+ with 50% reduction on the second product, for complete and efficient skin protection.

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