Healthy nutrition for your child. 5 creative ideas for the food package

Healthy nutrition for your child. 5 creative ideas for the food package

The new school year begins soon and the beginnings always come with new challenges. One of the problems that many parents face is the child's nutrition, and if your child does not go to a kindergarten where meals are included or does not have a canteen at school, it would be preferable to make a home packet.

Children from Romania have been suffering from unhealthy eating, rich in cakes and sweets, from an early age. Such foods can lead to obesity, one of the affections of modern humans.

Food at home, a healthy alternative to junk food

Around kindergartens and schools there are many fast foods or kiosks that sell various snacks packed in brightly colored bags, which "steal" the eyes of children, which spoil them with taste, but which do not contain vitamins and minerals. that children need when they are growing up. In general, the products sold in such restaurants or shops contain a lot of salt, which can cause circulatory system problems.

Some schools and kindergartens have tried to offer alternative children from this point of view by opening in their canteens where cooked, fresh and healthy food is served, but there are still many educational units where students do not have this option.

One solution to knowing exactly what your child consumes during school time is to give him or her a home-cooked food package to include fresh fruits and vegetables and foods cooked at home in a healthy way.

If your little one is fussy and doesn't even want to eat vegetables and run away only as he hears broccoli, try creative ways to arrange food in the lunch box so that the food is as appetizing.

Sandwiches are usually priceless in the child's package, but you could make them look more attractive by decorating them in animal shapes or decorating them in a funny way. Surely the child will enjoy pleasure. Here are some ideas to make lunch more attractive:

The world of dinosaurs

Cut slices of bread in the form of dinosaurs, and from slices of ham or dry salami make the plates on the back. In the sandwich you can add a slice of cheese and a slice of tomato.

To keep this theme, put a boiled egg in the package and place it in a "nest" made of muffins. Add a few pieces of raw broccoli for him to snack on something healthy before the meal itself.


We don't know if your little one is playing Pac-Man, but he certainly won't refuse a lunch with this theme.

Cut the food in the form of the famous video game character - lean ham or turkey, cheese and rye bread.

For eyes and bullets use slices of cheese cut into rounds. Add some baby carrots and some fresh strawberries and get ready for lunch.

Sandvis and the sea owl

A grilled bread sandwich with turkey breast, cheese cream and several slices of cucumber cut into a funny owl will be to the taste of the children.

Make eyes from slices of cheese and pupils from pieces of olives, wings you can make them from biscuits. Add to the package also an apple cut in the shape of an owl.

You can make your nose and feet from cheese.

Sandvis dolphin

Prepare a marine-themed package to munch on dolphin-shaped sandwiches. Put some biscuits in the form of a fish so that the little one has something to pause.

You can make a boat from a slice of tangerine, the sail being made of banana. Also from bananas or cucumbers you can make sea stars for a healthy and fun snack.

The pirate sandwich

Make a pirate sandwich of bread, cheese, turkey ham and slices of vegetables. The eyes are made of cheese and olives, the nose is also made of cheese, the pirate bandage of cheddar cheese, the patch on the eyes of a parsley leaf. Add in package and grapes, raspberries and blackberries. To put it in a saucepan put in the casserole and the strips of carrots and celery.

What foods should include the child's package

It is preferable that most of the foods that children consume are made at home. For example, you can make in your own kitchen a liver stain and give up the commercial one that often has unhealthy food additives.

The same is true of cheese creams in supermarkets; Instead of buying a melted cheese that contains a lot of salt and thickening agents, opt for a cream made from cow cheese to which you add a pinch of salt and some fresh dill, mix well until you get a cream.

Also, instead of fatty sausages, give your little turkey ham or prepare chicken or turkey breast on the grill.

In the case of bread, if you do not have time to do it at home, when you go shopping, read the labels carefully. Even bread that is not individually packaged has a label at the bottom of the shelf. If you do not find a list of its ingredients, ask the seller, and if he does not know, you better buy another product whose ingredients you know exactly.

For diversity, choose weekly other types of bread - white, black, rye, graham, seeds, olives - you have enough options so that the little one does not get bored.

At dessert, it would be best to give them a homemade cake, but as well you can put them in the package and dried fruits - raisins, plums - or fresh fruits.

Do not put chocolate or candy because it will completely ignore the food and will spoil their hunger with sweets, and excess sugar will stir and disturb its concentration. For a short rounding, you can choose pruned, unsalted peanuts, almonds or walnuts or, if you like, slices of carrots or green celery.

A good snack is a yogurt with corn or oatmeal or yogurt in which you add a few slices of fruit (strawberries, blueberries, plums). The fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables should not be missing from your little one's package.

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