This summer only burns you with a cocktail!

This summer only burns you with a cocktail!

Dermatological laboratories BIODERMA launches Photoderm MAX Spray SPF 50+ 400 ml, the first very high sun protection in a vial for the entire holiday.

Photoderm MAX Spray SPF 50+, UVA 35, 400 ml

Provides VERY HIGH HIGH sun protection for face and body, for very open skin, skin intolerant to the sun or exposure to the sun in extreme conditions (tropics, mountain peaks).

  • prevents sunburn and skin aging
  • CELLULAR BIOPROTECTION®, Bioderma patent biological complex, provides triple internal protection:

- protects cellular DNA (99.6%);

- strengthens cell immunity;

- the fight against thermal shock;

  • reofluidifying texture ensures uniform coverage throughout the skin surface;
  • the vial with the pump allows an effective dosage;
  • it is resistant to water and perspiration and does not leave white traces or greasy residue;
  • does not contain perfume;

Recommended price in pharmacies: 118 ron.

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