Children's health: top pediatric doctors

Children's health: top pediatric doctors

All the choices that concern your child are extremely important, and when they are related to his or her health and safety, they are even more difficult to make. One of the most important decisions of this kind is finding the right pediatrician.

This easy choice has two important aspects: finding a true professional who is available as often as you need, namely finding that pediatrician who will resonate with you as a parent. In order to ease your mission, we made a top of the best known and most appreciated pediatric doctors, based on the testimonials of the parents who have dealt with them.

Dr. Burnei Gheorghe

Doctor Gheorghe Burnei is one of the most appreciated pediatric doctors in our country, responsible for 22 surgeries performed at the national premiere. He is also the head of the Pediatric Orthopedics Clinic of the Marie Curie Children's Emergency Clinic Hospital and a distinguished doctor with numerous awards throughout his career.

Pediatric primary physician at the Marie Curie Children's Emergency Clinical Hospital, Dr. Stanciu Adrian has over 20 years' experience in treating children's disorders and is a professional who enjoys the appreciation and gratitude of his patients.

The doctor Niculina Bratu worked for over two decades with the well-known Romanian surgeon Alexandru Pesamosca and he continued his career in her career. She is the head of the Pediatric Surgery II section of the Marie Curie Clinical Emergency Hospital for Children.

Dr. Nicolescu Alin

Specializing in pediatric cardiology, Dr. Nicolescu Alin can be found at Fundeni Hospital in Bucharest. His parents recommend that he "does not hesitate even in the middle of the night to come to the hospital when needed", because he is "friendly, gentle and patient" and because he is very generous with explanations, whenever necessary.

Primary physician specialized in pediatric neurology, Mrs. Barca professes at the Clinic of Pediatric Neurology at the Clinical Hospital of Psychiatry Prof. Dr. Alexandru Obregia. "By a high moral conduct" and "a high degree of professionalism", Dr. Barca Diana Gabriela is recommended by all parents whose children face neurological problems.

The specialist Buruiana Andrei Mihai activates within the Marie Curie Children's Emergency Clinical Hospital and is recognized for the dedication and passion with which each small patient is treated.

Dr. Bar Gabriela

Life Memorial Hospital in Bucharest is the place where you can find Dr. Bar, "a man of note 10 and a pediatrician of note 10". His professionalism is not called into question by the parents who recommend it and for his excellent communication skills, put into practice for each patient.

Dr. Giosanu Constantin

Present at the Medlife Clinic in Calea Grivitei, Bucharest, Dr. Giosanu is often referred to as "an extraordinary doctor". Among its qualities are the total dedication of the medical activity, the professionalism, the gentleness and the patience that it shows with the little ones and with the parents who will always know as much about the diagnosis of their children.

Dr. Sicoe Simona Emilia

Hyperclinica Medlife Baneasa is the place where this primary pediatrician specialized in pediatrics works. Accurate diagnosis and effective treatments have transformed him, in the eyes of his parents, into one of the best pediatric doctors. "He treats your child like his own child," as testified by those who have dealt with Dr. Sicoe.

Dr. Iurian Sorin

The Clinical Pediatrics section of the Pediatric Clinical Hospital in Sibiu also hosts, according to testimonials, "a doctor of note 20". The parents are "fully satisfied with the attention and skill" of the doctor and characterize him as a "super doctor and a special man".

Dr. Caruceriu Silviu

"I recommend it to all the mothers of today, I have known him for 24 years and I have raised both children under his guidance", writes a mother whose children became, under the aegis of Dr. Caruceriu Silviu, "two healthy young teenagers and beautiful". Accurate diagnosis and effective remedies are the main activities of the doctor who professes at the Marie Curie Budimex Children's Emergency Clinic Hospital in Bucharest.

Dr. Chiru Mirela

"A good professional, close to the patients, kind and dedicated to the profession" or "an extraordinary woman, whose professionalism you can trust" - this is described Dr. Chiru Mirela, pediatrician at the Emergency Clinic Hospital for Children of Alexandria in Grigore Bucharest.

Dr. Limoncu Ovidiu

Limoncu Ovidiu teaches at the Pediatric Clinic of the Fundeni Clinical Institute, within the Pediatric Nephrology section. Praised for his ability to withstand severe conditions such as chronic kidney failure or hemolytic uremic syndrome, Dr. Limoncu Ovidiu is often recommended by parents who have left their children in his healing hands.

Dr. Coltan Mihaela

The Marie Curie Budimex Children's Emergency Clinic Hospital in Bucharest is the place where Mrs. Coltan professes, whose parents give her grade 10 for professionalism and promptness. He is "an excellent doctor", according to testimonials and "is 100% dedicated to children".

Primary physician and head of the pediatric section of the Emergency Clinical Hospital for Children Dr. Victor Gomoiu, Mrs. Plesca is "an admirable, attentive, rigorous professional and a wonderful man", confirms the parents whose children were treated by her.

Of course, this is a random top, and the number of specialized pediatricians who dedicate with dedication and delicacy is much higher in Romania. Did you have to deal with such extraordinary professionals? If so, we look forward to your suggestions!

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