Ways to stimulate your baby to learn

Ways to stimulate your baby to learn

Babies are born programmed to learn, all five of their senses being almost completely developed. They are ready to process information about relationships, emotions, language and reason.

Through interactions such as play, singing, holding in the arms and baby's breastfeeding, his or her brain will prepare to allow intellectual, physical and emotional development.

During the first year of a baby's life, he undergoes an amazing transformation, becoming, from a helpless newborn, a curious and active child. Try to make the most of your child's development during this explosive period of growth.

Here are some fun activities you can do to maximize the development potential of your baby:

  • Communicate with him as much as possible;
  • Read them as often as possible;
  • Have a conversation with him every day, using alliteration and rhyme;
  • Recite the alphabet;
  • Change the tone and volume of your voice and speak like a child;
  • Frequently say the name of your baby to encourage sound responses and to familiarize it with various words;
  • Repeat the names of common objects and activities to make them easier to recognize;
  • Sing!

Even if your baby is still not speaking, he or she absorbs language, learning new words and making connections in the brain. Bilingual families can use the language even more with their baby. Another language can be learned immediately, as long as you use all the languages ​​quite often, children will learn them very easily. Think of how many words (and languages) your child might learn until he or she becomes a preschooler! On the other hand, it is not a mandatory thing. Therefore, it does not subject you or the child to unnecessary pressure.

Almost all things are new to the baby. Going to the store or playing with a cardboard box can be as stimulating as going to the zoo or playing with an expensive toy. It is important to put to work all five senses of your baby and allow them to taste, touch, hear and smell as many things as possible.

Already you will do a lot of things to increase the power of your baby's mind, without resorting to experts or various techniques. You are the best expert when it comes to things that stimulate your baby, which they learn and which they like. When you focus on forming a good relationship with the little one, in fact, you both grow.

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