Children paint eggs at the Masca Theater!

Children paint eggs at the Masca Theater!

Masca Theater invites us on Thursday, April 12, at 4:00 pm, together with the little ones, to continue the tradition of painting the eggs in the amphitheater in Boulevard Uverturii. Together, as a large family, actors, children, parents and grandparents will lay wooden or natural eggs with paints they will receive from the theater.

"We invite you to keep alive a tradition deeply rooted in our culture that is part of our spiritual background. The light and warmth of the spring holidays should find us all with our loved ones in peace, harmony and forgiveness. Happy Easter to all!" , declares Mihai Malaimare, the director of Masca Theater.

The egg goes through the history of archetypes as a symbol of rebirth, regeneration, fertility. The millennial tradition of egg painting is closely related to the passions of Jesus and has a rich symbolism and an educational role: children can thus become aware of belonging to a community with ancient customs.
Masca Theater has shown over the years a permanent concern to bring to the attention of the public or traditions and customs that define us as a people, but also activities to help educate children by combining recreational activities with the act of culture. Thus, a series of projects have been initiated, including the Christmas Concert, the Culture Hour or the Toy Fair.
Public access to the event is free.
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