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Eating potatoes with meat

Eating potatoes with meat

Eating potatoes with meat is an extremely tasty and tasty preparation and is an excellent choice for family lunch!


Preparation time

45 min.




1.5 kg potatoes

4 chicken legs (600 g pork or beef)

2 strains

1 carrot

1 pepper



Bay leaf

pepper berry

ground pepper

1 parsley bond

Method of preparation

Clean the potatoes and cut them into cubes or quarters, depending on their size.

Put some oil in a pan and add the meat. Add the grated carrot, chopped onion and chopped pepper.

Let it soak well, then add the potatoes, the broth, a few peppercorns, salt, bay leaf, a little ground pepper and cover with water to the potato level.

Put the pot in the oven and let it fall. It is ready when boiled meat and potatoes.

All the parsley and put it on top after removing the food from the oven.


It can be used dill instead of parsley or it can be served in combination.

For more taste and color you can add two tablespoons of broth or half a can of tomatoes in the broth.

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