Recommended foods and recipes for solid whole foods

Recommended foods and recipes for solid whole foods

Identifying the most popular foods and recipes recommended for whole foods is not an easy task for all parents. When the baby reaches the age of 8-9 months, it is usually prepared for the next level of its diet, in which it learns to handle the food alone, with slow and safe steps. Therefore, the little boy will need products that are suitable for his age, with a soft texture, easy to consume.

The ideal foods for the transition to whole solid food should not come from the supermarket, ready packed and ready to be consumed. Most of these involve boiling or pre-cooking, especially if you want the baby to consume only healthy food, full of essential nutrients for growth.

Switch to whole solid food

Switching to whole solid food is generally natural, as the child is increasingly tempted to try, for example, the meat that the parents consume at the table. Once the baby is well mastered by the chewing and swallowing reflex, he is physiologically prepared to feed himself.

Small children have more sensitive taste buds than adults, which means they are often tempted to refuse a new food up to 20 times until they accept it. Your perseverance will help you get used to the new tastes, so insist whatever you need.

Mothers usually fear that the baby will not drown, a fear justified with the transition to whole solid foods, handled by the child at will. This problem can be solved by avoiding difficult tomato products, such as hazelnuts, raisins, popcorn or fried meat.

Bread made from whole wheat flour is ideal, as it does not form coconut in contact with saliva, such as white bread. Therefore, make sure that the food offered to the little one is soft, well cooked and served in small portions.

Moreover, it provides the child with whole foods only when sitting in the cot (never playing or leaning) and do not forget to watch it carefully while eating.


Colored and rich in nutrients, the small pieces of fruit will delight your little one eager to chew good hours in a row. This category of whole solid foods is highly recommended for inclusion in the menu, but make sure you remove the seeds and other strong parts before consuming them.

  • slices of peaches cooked poorly in the oven;
  • narrow pieces of ripe banana;
  • thin slices of very soft mango;
  • thin slices of pears or apples;
  • pieces of watermelon;
  • very ripe avocado strips;
  • fine tune me;
  • slices of kiwi (after 10 months);
  • small pieces of fruit mixed as in a salad.

A useful tip for easy handling of slippery fruits is to sprinkle whole grain powder on their surface.

The vegetables

Like fruits, vegetables are whole solid foods ideal for babies. Make sure it is boiled as it is soaked, peeled and seedless before your baby is cooked.

  • slices of baked potatoes or boiled potato slices;
  • proud carrots;
  • boiled peas;
  • boiled lentils;
  • boiled broccoli;
  • boiled green beans;
  • cooked vegetable salad.

Flours and cheeses

  • baked pasta;
  • small pieces of low cheese;
  • small pieces of boiled meat (chicken, fish without bones - with caution, beef or turkey);
  • cereals with multivitamins for children;
  • spreads with fruit puree or cream cheese;
  • cooked egg yolks;
  • mamaliga well tied, cooled and "cut" with different cakes (glazed with cheese);
  • small cubes of tofu.

Recipes and suggestions for solid whole foods

All foods recommended for the transition to whole foods can be cooked in the form of recipes. Add spices and special sauces meant to transform the food from "bizarre" to "appetizing", so that your curious snack can take part in the tasting process with confidence.

Here are some examples that you will definitely find useful:

Apple slices with cinnamon

Your little one will love the pungent and fruity aroma of cinnamon apples, especially since this special condiment is extremely useful in fighting colds and strengthening the immune system.

Method of preparation

Wash, peel and drain from the core a well baked golden apple. Cut it into thick slices of half an inch, put the pieces in a plastic bag and cinnamon sprinkle over them, then shake everything for efficient distribution of the spice.

Use the microwave to bake the apples for 3 minutes (they are ready when you can easily insert a fork inside them).

Cool them well before giving them to the baby.

It is kept under optimal conditions maximum 4 days in the refrigerator and 2 months in the freezer.

Recipe recommended after 9 months.

Powdered tofu cubes

This nutritious food called tofu (soy cheese) is still foreign to the Romanian consumers. However, it is good to consider it for your little one, due to its beneficial growth substances.

Method of preparation

Put a few flax seeds, whole grains or graham crackers in a sack and finely chop them with the hammer or the successor. Powder the tofu with the delicious powder and serve immediately to the luscious.

Recommended recipe after 1 year or 8-10 months, if you do not use flax seeds.

Sweet potato cubes

The natural sweetness of sweet potatoes and their appealing color (bright orange) recommend these vegetables for the first tables of whole solid food.

Method of preparation

Wash, peel and cut a sweet potato into small cubes about 1 and a half centimeters. Cook the dishes in a covered dish in the microwave for 5-7 minutes.

Allow them to cool and test their consistency with the fork. Add extra flavor by sprinkling cinnamon, walnuts or ginger before placing the potato in the oven.

This snack will remain fresh for 4 days in the refrigerator and maximum 2 months in the freezer.

Recommended recipe after 9 months.

What special recipes did you use for your chicken with the switch to solid whole food? Share your ideas and experience in the comments section and help other moms cope with this important change.