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Junior and technology, April 4, 10:00, Hotel Siqua, Sala Milano

Junior and technology, April 4, 10:00, Hotel Siqua, Sala Milano

Junior and technology, April 4, 10:00, Hotel Siqua, Sala Milano

Today, technology is an attractive field, but increasingly challenging and important both in the workplace and in leisure time. Online, social media, online games were immediately discovered and easily understood by children. Some of them know more about technology than their parents.

And, as the virtual environment evolves with us, this knowledge can only help the juniors prepare for their future career or for various projects. When used correctly, the technology has many benefits, but also a number of disadvantages.

That is why, at the request of some parents, we thought about organizing a special event for children, on a current and sensitive topic.

On the date of April 4, 10:00 am, at the Hotel Siqua, Sala Milano, Calea Grivitei 59 A, We invite children between 8 and 12 years old, interested in the online environment, social media or games at the "Junior and technology" workshop!

The event aims to lead the junior in security and online dangers, revealing some secrets that can help them express their personality in a safe way by using and setting up social networks or games.

Time schedule

Part I

Know the group, the networks and the games they use.

Video and practical examples of the advantages and disadvantages of communication through social networks or the effects of online games.

Part II

Case studies on thematic data and teamwork. Team presentations.

Lucia and Andreea, the trainers of the event, will present general information and practical applications, questions and answers about the digital environment, clips with examples of what online security means, what are the advantages and dangers of this new virtual space. We want to increase the degree of safety and awareness among children through the use of technologies, but also their use as useful tools in our lives.


Claudia Suhov - organizer, presenter and founder of KIDster & Tortulet.

Andreea Nitescu - trainer and graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Bucharest, has a passion for non-formal, technology and children. Andreea believes in technology and in the progress we can make through it. Through its activity in the projects in which it has been involved, it supports education, considering that this is the only tool by which we can help build a good world. â € ¨For Andreea â € œthe only way to do great work is to love what you doâ €.

Lucia Radu-Simota - graphic designer, trainer and project manager. He has experience in facilitating courses for children and adults on various topics, from Microsoft Office, Internet, Project Management to Social Media and Digital Tools, both face-to-face and through elearning platforms. The mother of 2 children, she works with passion in digital projects, having clients from home and abroad. In addition, it keeps abreast of the latest trends to permanently learn and diversify its portfolio. In her free time she plays with children, reads, cooks and couchs.

Information for participation

Age group: 8-12 years

Number of participants: 16 children

Time: 10:00 - 12:30

Location: Hotel Siqua, Sala Milano, Calea Grivitei no. 59A

The price of the ticket

Variant A: 60 lei / 1 participant.

Variant B: 100 lei / 2 /> 2 participants. For groups of brothers, friends (more than 2 participants registered), the ticket is 50 lei / participant.

Included are: workshop materials, photos, diplomas of participation.

After registration, parents will receive by email a material with organizational information.

After the workshop the parents will receive a material with information about the topics discussed, a series of observations and recommendations to apply with the children.

The registrations take place until April 2, at 18:00, filling in the form:


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