Top 10 beauty trends for moms in 2015

Top 10 beauty trends for moms in 2015

The year 2015 came with its own beauty trends for moms. Now is the ideal time to discover new passions in the area of ​​clothing and makeup, but also to try new things for the sake of your image. Find out what will be in vogue this year and how you can maintain a delightful look, no matter what budget you have.

Be a radiant and confident mom in your own strength, just as you always dreamed! Designers propose you to try new and sophisticated shades in your outfits and makeup, but also to learn to be your own image consultant.

The following beauty trends in 2015 will surely surprise you!

Lips in the marsal shade

The color of 2015 was officially designated: its name is marsala and represents a warm combination of red and brown, an earthy color that emits elegance, maturity and naturalness at the same time.

A lipstick in this charming shade will definitely be the key element in your makeup kit: it is not only in vogue, but also compatible with most skin tones. In addition, it is perfectly suited to mature women, who have achieved stability in life. Makeup your lips in the color of the year and you will definitely be a mom in step with fashion this year!


Braids were major trends in hair styling throughout 2014 and continue to be in vogue even in 2015. Braided tails are no longer just for girls (who have developed a true passion for them, being worn by the famous princesses Elsa and Anna from successful production "Frozen").

Moms can also wear them to be fashionable, in an unlimited variety of styles: from classic braids and slightly messy and loose tails, to sophisticated braids, perfect for special occasions. You can also opt for the "fish tail" braids, which you can make at home alone (you will be surprised how easy you can learn the technique).

Manicures in nude shades

If the lips are worn in 2015 in the bold marsal shade, the sleeves in vogue are rather directed to a pure naturalness. The nails in the trends for 2015 are those in nude shades, such as pastel pink, cream, beige or even the transparent nail polish.

The fashion presentations for the new season clearly showed the tendency of the "clean", discreet and short nails. The designers' preference for these natural sleeves is great news for moms, since these colors are much easier to maintain.

Shirt Dress

The dress shirt is more popular than ever this year. You can never go wrong with this classic cut, which you will find in various interesting textures, surprising prints and lengths that flatter any silhouette.

Where do you put this piece of clothing is also very practical and easy to wear, but also accessible. Choose a light dress shirt that does not fit perfectly on your shapes. Wear an assorted strap and you will notice that the visual effect will be amazing: the waist will accentuate harmoniously, and your image will be a relaxed one. Wear it with ballerinas, square-heeled shoes or platforms, depending on the occasion. You will fall in love with her hopelessly!

The military green

As the captain of the family, a mom aligned with the trends will find herself perfectly in clothing suits in which the military green predominates. This color has been the focus of attention on fashion podiums at the latest presentations of top designers and deserves a place in your wardrobe. How to wear it? Through jackets, modern diaphanous dresses, classic shirts or underpants. If you have a complexion with olive accents, this color will be great for you!

The classic black and white combination

This monochromatic trend resists with the passage of time, being in vogue for several seasons. It remains as popular in 2015 as well, which can only be more exciting. The black and white combination is very easy to wear, but it is especially oriented towards the bold graphic prints, which grab the attention.

Interesting is that you can combine two black and white prints with different patterns in the same outfit, for a fresh and surprising look. Dresses, trousers in the type of tailoring and shirts with combinations of black and white models deserve to complete your wardrobe this year.

Skirt trousers

Borrowed from the style of the 90s, the skirt-pants regained its place on the podium of current trends last year. The designers decided to give it a chance in 2015, with the potential to conquer fashion lovers with its unique advantages: it is comfortable, practical and perfect for wearing at the office or shopping.

From bumpy heels, to steamy materials and bold prints, the skirt-pants will be everywhere in stores this year. You can wear it with pointed shoes, graceful sandals or even ballerinas (if you have a tall and slim figure).

Obi kimonos and belts

Straps from traditional Japanese culture are the favorites of the great fashion designers, although they are normally worn by the samurai. Obi belts are actually the most important accessory of a kimono, being proposed by designers to be worn when you want to emphasize your slim waist in an original and exotic way.

The Obi belt can define both a casual outfit and a very elegant one. It can be worn over blouses, tops, shirts, mini dresses, midi or maxi and it adapts quite easily to any romantic outfit. Jackets and cardigans with kimonos-inspired skirts, but in solid (monochrome) shades, will make 2015 a fury among fashion-loving moms.

Comfortable footwear

Ready to wear heels and uncomfortable shoes! In 2015, fashion moms are invited to wear ballerinas, low-soled shoes and sneakers. Designers have launched new models of casual and sport shoes with attractive design, proving that comfortable footwear pieces should not be boring.

Camasile polo

Classic polo shirts have been among the trends. Look for models with bold prints, details that appeal to all looks and special materials. Wear them with jeans or classic pants when you want to wear it casual or with skirts when you want to be sure.

What beauty trends for moms in 2015 do you like the most? Have you heard of other fashionable things this year? Tell us your opinion in the comments section below!