Spinach pie, fast

Spinach pie, fast

For a delicious and healthy dinner during the fast we offer you the recipe of spinach pie.


Preparation time

40 min.




1 pack of pie sheets (purchased)

800 g frozen spinach

2 green onions

1 duck connection



80 ml of oil

Method of preparation

In a pot with salted water put the spinach to the boil, which is put only when the water boils. After the spinach is boiled, leave it to drain, in a strainer.

In the meantime, prepare the rest of the filling. Thus, the washed and cleaned onion is put in a heat in the hot oil, then add the drained spinach and minced and green.

Grease an oil pan, place in it 4-5 sheets of pie, pour the spinach filling, and at the end cover with another 4-5 sheets of pie and oil the pie with a little oil.

Give the oven a tray, on fire, suitable for 30 minutes.


Sting the pie with a fork, before placing it in the oven, to help get the steam out of the filling.

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