Raising the first child vs. raising the second child

Raising the first child vs. raising the second child

After the first child, you still have energy and hope. You have dedicated yourself to giving her the best education imaginable. But the second child arrived and everything broke down. You were no longer those model parents, envied by all the other parents in the park or the kindergarten.

The grandparents of the children, so your parents, did not smile empathetically, they would not beat you on the shoulder to say "Bravo, you did a good job!". As if from the second child, the poor were not even offered, to help you with the actual growth, which meant that you lost a little.

With your second child, you also realized that all the wonderful upbringing and education of the children you were doing was just as pointless as rotating your car tires. Read below the funny test of some parents raising and educating their children and you will discover how raising the first born is different from raising the second child!

The first child: Everything is cooked in a special baby food processor. Quinoa! Spinach! Sweet potatoes! Go to Google daily to find out which medicines are safe. Which cities are safe. What are safe toys. What are the clothes that do not use potentially toxic materials. I said daily ?! Pardon!

Join Google hour by hour, minute by minute, trying to raise the child as a community, not as two separate individuals. The mother of the first child is Facebook and his father is Google. I said! The two of us, the parents, almost had no contribution. I was simply applying to God the advice of the true tutors.

Second child: Milk, after which we have at home. There is also some carnita. Maybe even a sweet one from time to time. It does not matter, after all, it is important to like the little one, the mother, that if he likes it, he will certainly not be bad. And if he's bad, what? Very well. They make antibodies.

The first child: The crib that your dad himself assembled, while mommy screamed at him. This is too tall, it is too short and it gets rid of it, it is too wooden, it is too iron and it can put a mouth. God, what's with this horrible model on bars ?!

Second child: His mom's bed. Daddy now has his own room, with a mattress on the floor, surrounded by dirty socks. If he wants to stay with dads, that's fine. I throw aside some socks and the little one can cram into a box left over from the last pizza ordered, when the friends came to the movie.

The first child: 100% organic cotton, even bamboo! From everything you need. If it is necessary and so I say the books, we dress it in leaves and fruits. Adam and Eve were at the base of the world as we know it. So they knew what they knew with those strategic leaves.

Second child: His brother's old clothes. Or even of his father since he was weaker, that, to the glory of the Lord, wise and scissors tailor will be found.

The first child: In our back yard, with a straw hanging from the Japanese maple. We call not only clowns, but also doctors, firefighters, police officers and therapists. Everything is eco and designed with great responsibility.

Second child: Pizza on the floor. Drink in bowls. Not with alcohol, that's right, but a little sugar has never killed anyone.

The first child: Each evening, in a special package, exactly the right size. Hand wash with a soft cloth or silk sponge. The ideal water temperature is tested with five different thermometers. Take into account Archimedes' law when you put water in the tub, right?

Second child: Twice a week. They also count the visits to the pool and play with water guns with friends from kindergarten.

The first child: wrapped in a miraculous and expensive crib. We sang his song and fell asleep until 7:30 p.m.

Second child: She falls asleep on the couch, with her mother's breast in her mouth, at 10:30 p.m.

The first child: Play groups, outings with mothers and children in the park. All moms and dads who want their buddies to become friends with ours have to come to us with the CVs of the little ones, which will contain absolutely all the data about them and their development until that moment.

Second child: His brother's friends or whoever is on the block.

The first child: All handmade from wood. Most Swedish. Toy jewelry, what more. Safety first of all. Not having fun? Bad luck! It is important to survive.

Second child: The boxes in which his brother's toys were packed or sticks found in the park and his father's smartphone.

The first child: Duck TV at first, Disney Junior later, exclusively. One hour a day. Without violence and with measure.

Second child: He has his own Netflix account. Or even Facebook, and from there he does it.

The first child: Something European, with diacritical sign in the name.

Second child: Old shoes, muddy, with discolored diacritics and missing soles. Turkish slippers and, if it is hot outside, goes in socks or even barefoot.

The first child: Diapers, then some sort of underwear, then underwear.

Second child: He can make his needs in a diaper until college, on our part. It's all about not dirtying good blankets, mother's dowry and not smelling in dad's car.

The first child: A wonderful woman, whom she loves and will cherish for the rest of her life. Mary Poppins? Too little. Too crazy. Too fixist. Let's say, a slightly more modern Mary Poppins. And the orthodox practitioner. And without cosmetic surgery or primary relatives who have undergone cosmetic surgery.

Second child: Which babysitter? Cress, kindergarten, extended program, after school or just "let him, my dear, get along and alone, that is how he finds out what life is!"

There are certainly differences between the ways in which we raised or raised our first and second children. And if you have identified yourself or not in the above, you can drop us your opinion, tips or patans from personal experience.

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