Zurli Theater causes you to enter the Ice Castle

Zurli Theater causes you to enter the Ice Castle

Zurli Theater comes with a premiere.

On January 24 and 25, from 10:30 and from 12:00, we put on stage, at the Art Theater, an adaptation after a story already loved by children, "Frozen".

Entitled "Ice Castle", the adaptation brings to the fore the story of two princess sisters, Elsa and Ana, who face all kinds of problems. Elsa is not just a simple princess, she has a special power by which she can easily hurt her loved ones. So, she must learn how to use it without harm. Ana, in turn, has to make a difficult decision: to follow her heart and become the wife of Prince Hans or not.

Magic is the word of order.

The Zurli band will give you three reasons why you deserve to enter the "Ice Castle":

1. In addition to the princes and princesses, the show will also have a very special character, Olaf, a crushed snowman, but who can help children learn how to overcome difficult situations;

2. The adaptation will be one in the Zurli style: an interactive show in which the little ones come to the aid of the main characters;

3. The children will have the opportunity to sing and participate actively in the show.

The price of a ticket is 20 lei for adults and 10 lei for children. To have access to the room, you need to make a prior reservation at the phone number 0728.295.872. or at the email address [email protected]

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About the Zurli Theater

Zurli Theater is the largest private children's theater in Romania, a national phenomenon theater that has turned education into a magical show of imagination.

It was built on an existential need, the creator's desire - Mirela Retegan - to explain to her daughter the world around her in a positive, educational context, but to develop her imagination and to give her self-confidence.

The shows are about the magic that arises when children are told the right story of their soul.

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