The first free integrated center for children with autism in the northern area of ​​the capital has opened

The first free integrated center for children with autism in the northern area of ​​the capital has opened

1 in 54 boys and 1 in 88 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. The alarming incidence of the disease, the lack of an information system but also the reduced possibilities of therapeutic intervention in Romania, make the diagnosis and recovery process a difficult one for parents. Since January 2015, residents in the northern part of the capital have free access to counseling, diagnosis, evaluation and therapy for children with autism spectrum disorder.

Help Autism Association, with the support of Kaufland Romania, opened the first Wednesday, January 21, 2015 free services center integrated in autism in the northern area of ​​the capital. In the Pipera HelpAutism Center, a multidisciplinary team made up of psychologists and speech therapists, will provide free diagnostic services for pervasive developmental disorders, support to families of children with diagnosis and daily therapy for 18 children through intensive and personalized programs of applied behavior analysis.

"The good therapeutic practices that the HelpAutism specialists approach prove their effectiveness. The combination of experienced therapists, involved parents and a timely diagnosis have shown us that a child can recover up to 20 months of development in 6 months of therapy. . We are glad that we can offer with the support of a generous partner the same chance of the children from Pipera, Voluntari, Ilfov ", said Daniela Bololoi, clinical psychologist and president of the Autism Help Association.

Through the program "Together we show their life" and the partnership agreed between the Autism Help Association and Kaufland Romania, Pipera HelpAutism Center will offer free services for the benefit of the community during the period November 2014 - November 2015, with the purpose of improving the lives of children with pervasive developmental disorders and their families. within the Pipera HelpAutism Center, residents in the northern area of ​​the capital will now have access to:

  • Diagnosis and psychological evaluation for children between 1 and 5 years;
  • Establishing the therapeutic intervention plan;
  • Recovery of children through intensive, daily therapy;
  • Supporting families through psychological counseling of parents;
  • Free courses for parents and teachers;
  • Free integrated daily therapy services for at least 18 children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.

15 children have already started the multi-sensory stimulation program, an intensive therapeutic program that can reduce even the socially unaccepted behaviors by 50% and significantly increases the chances of inclusion.

"Through the project we have proposed that 15,000 families find out about the disorder and how they can intervene, and over 50 NGOs in the field and state institutions will receive good practice examples in public-private partnership." conquered Daniela Bololoi.

Pipera HelpAutism Center is located on Ion Caragiani Street (formerly Dumitru Vlasceanu Entrance), Voluntari. For details and software, parents can call 0762 015 480.

Help Autism Association has been actively involved for 4 years in the development of autism awareness programs, early diagnosis and early intervention for children with autism. Considered a spearhead in the actions to change the status of autism in Romania, besides therapy services offered in the 3 centers, a branch and at home, the Help Autism Association -, conducts lobbying activities, public-private partnerships and is co-organizer of the ABA international conference - the science behind autism recovery therapies. free integrated services for children with autism in the northern part of the capital