Good food for your child

Good food for your child

A child, like any of us, has his own preferences when it comes to certain tastes. To find out what vegetables, fruits and juices you like the most, you have to experiment a little.

When you are shopping, ask the little one what vegetables, fruits or juices he is craving, and at home invite him to participate in the preparation of vegetables and fruits for the meal. Encourage him to grow his own plants, for example from bean or lemon seed and "sell" various extraordinary curiosities.

Your little one will be delighted to become an expert in vegetables, fruits and juices.

If he refuses to eat broccoli, offer him pepper instead, if he refuses the currants because they are too sour, give him a hand of sweet strawberries, if he does not like to grill carrots, serve it with fruit juice and carrots .

Add vegetables, fruits and fruit juices to each meal. A colorful plate raises the appetite! When you are preparing the little one for school, put in the bag a fruit and a bottle of water or a box of delicious juice that will quench his thirst and give him energy.

Try to make the snack not only tasty, but also colorful and packaged in a box or paper with cheerful motifs. Thus, your child will no longer be tempted to replace it with something else from the school kiosk.

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