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Martisor in Bucharest

Martisor in Bucharest

Saturday, March 3, on a sunny day with lots of joy, part of the Community from Bucharest he met at the cafe The Living Room, very close to Rosetti Square.

It was a meeting we all expected because we had not seen each other since the Christmas meeting. . And there was a lot to say, a lot to tell, a lot to think about. It was a necessary, desired and compulsory meeting and because it creates an expectation related to these meetings: you see yourself almost daily on the forum and on the site and you feel the need to meet online and get to know yourself better.
The truth is, dating offline, at a coffee shop or telling stories, makes friends in the Community stronger. You can bring light to things that make you anxious, you can talk about how many in the moon and in the stars, you can strengthen relationships and you can convince yourself once again that you have a lot in common with the people you have known until then only virtual.
I told about the past year, I told about friends, I told about the campaign with supplies and clothes for kindergartens and fireplaces (for which we thank Cristea), we told about the Screzii Valley and our way there during Christmas. The story of the Valley of Screzii is on the site, but the girls deserved the story told by us because behind our trip was the support of them and many other friends in the Community.

We uploaded all the photos from the party on Facebook, as well as in an album by Martisor, in the Community.

Thanks, dear and we hope to see you soon at another story cafe!

I told you that the sun was present at the meeting. Waiting to enter the cafe warmed up - I think - the first rays of this early spring. Cheers brought everyone in their pockets, and the brisket came from dear partners.

Magicare brought us calendars, balloons and hand-made trinkets, made with love of roxie.
Uriage was with our ladies with ladies products. I took it all a little in advance with Women's Day! The products based on thermal water for ladies, as well as the Uriage products for children we will find at Baby Expo from March 22 to 25, at the Multipurpose Room in Bucharest, where Uriage is waiting for them with discount vouchers and gifts for users .
The Net Help Pharmacies were with us at the party. They sent us martinis with Echinacea and propolis, which would give us a strong immunity, because it is very important to have a spring full of joy and smile.

Thank you for your support and friendship. Have a beautiful spring!