10 creative ways to save money

10 creative ways to save money

Does the idea of ​​saving money seem to be a fairy tale for children, given the current economy? Well, to know that the goal is more than possible to achieve, and this is confirmed by the financial advisers. Regardless of the age you live in, there are always ways to manage your resources more efficiently. Propose to make your expenses more efficient, through a series of creative ways revealed by experts!

You can set aside more money than you think, with a little discipline, patience and a dash of self-control. American author and editorialist Rose Fres Fausto, herself the mother of two children, recommends setting goals to help you save money on your family budget: "Adopt your own balance of income and expenses, which you should use In this way, you have a clear picture of where you are and what your financial goals should be, "Rose advises. Therefore, you need a concrete plan with steps to help you achieve your ultimate goal (set aside a certain amount of money by a deadline, for example). There are also mobile applications specially designed to help you organize yourself (BUDGT, Leartnvest, Mint, etc.), which you can access at any time.

Now that you know where to start on your way to a life where the money even reaches you from one month to the next, find out some useful tricks meant to make your mission much easier (and more likely to be accomplished).

1. Involve your children in the way of thought

Most parents are tempted to ignore financial pressures for the sake of their children. The little ones will always want toys and sweets, and unless the concept of money is explained to them, they will not really understand what sacrifices their parents make to provide them with everything they need (shelter, food, clothes, etc.). This is why it is essential to talk to your children about the concept of saving money from an early age. When you go to the supermarket, you can remind them of your discussion about putting money aside, when they insist on buying certain things that are not necessary. Children are happy to be involved with their parents in family-friendly endeavors, so they will definitely be your allies in adopting a thoughtful lifestyle.

2. Organize your income efficiently

Buy several envelopes and label them with the name of the purpose for which you must direct the money: "savings", "current bill", "water bill", "telephone", "maintenance" s.a.m.d. Keep the envelopes with the amounts of money always organized, so as to limit the possibilities to make unnecessary expenses.

3. Find out how much your home appliances are consuming

This way, you can understand what the sources of waste of electricity are and how you can change your habits to save money in this regard. When you leave your TV or microwave in the socket, for example, it consumes electricity even when not in use.

4. Stop letting the water flow unnecessarily

Water waste is an important source of unnecessary expenditure growth. Close the tap when brushing your teeth and open it only when you rinse. While you wash your head and apply the shampoo, the shower does not have to flow constantly. There are details seemingly unimportant, but major for your water bill. And learn the rest of the family members how to save water - gradually, these changes will turn into reflex gestures.

5. Thaw meat in the refrigerator

Instead of letting the meat defrost in the sink, let it thaw in the fridge (even if it lasts a little longer). This trivial gesture will help to cool the air in this home appliance, contributing to lower energy consumption.

6. Rediscover the joy of a simple life

Forget about the internet, the TV and the tablet. Get out of technology and go for a walk, read a book or practice a manual project (origami, braiding or quilling). You will not only make significant savings on electricity, but you will also relax more, for a perfect mental balance. Encourage your children to spend their free time outside, playing with other friends: this is the most beautiful childhood!

7. Limit water consumption in the closet basin

Try a clever trick of saving the water needed to operate the closet. Fill a few small plastic bottles with sand, seal them tightly and place them in the basin, so as not to obstruct the water drawer in any way. They will occupy a large part of the space of the pool and reduce the amount of water needed to fill it.

8. Buy a low jet shower head

The volume of the jet from the shower definitely puts its mark on your monthly water bill. Buy a low-flow shower head: If you let it flow into a four-liter container, you should not fill it faster than 20 seconds to be truly economical.

9. Have fun, not expensive

Currently, families spend their free time going to the mall or having a meal at the fast food restaurants. This kind of fun is both unhealthy and expensive. Try to limit these outings as much as possible (from organizing them every weekend, to scheduling them maximum once a month, for example). You can feel good in the family doing other nice things. Have fun at the movie, organize company games, go for a picnic in the park s.a.m.d.

10. Teach your child to raise money

When your child asks for an expensive toy, tell him that he can have it if he raises enough money to pay for it (by dealing with various household tasks, for example). Thus, you will understand the concept of money best and will start in life knowing full well that to have the things you want, you have to work for them.

How do you manage to save money? Do you have any secret strategies that paid off in your case? It also helps other moms better manage their budget, in the comments section below!

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