10 parenting trends in 2015

10 parenting trends in 2015

Wondering what parenting trends are expected in 2015? Well, of course they have already figured it out and it is natural to expect them to influence the lives of parents everywhere. Last year, the braided bracelets and the successful animation "Frozen" were in the spotlight.

What will be from now on in fashion and will probably affect you a lot of the decisions you make as a mom, find out below! Here are the names of children to wear in 2015, which is the color of the year for a dream wardrobe and which players will warmly wish your little one in the new year.

The girl's name ending in "bela" or "ette"

The trends in baby names given in 2015 are dedicated to the adventurous spirit of parents and their passion for meaning given by colors. As for the girls, the name ending in "bela" or "ette" is at the top of the list of favorites in 2015.

Mirabela or Izabela are announced to be the champions of popularity, successfully replacing the former "stars" Antonia or Rebecca. Just as searched will be the name that ends in "ette", with a strong French air (eg "Bernadette").

Abroad, this year the name of the colors given to the newcomers to the world: Violet, Lilac or Lavender.

Color of the year - marsala

You are probably wondering what marshal is and why you need to find out this information. Well, the color of 2015 was designated and is a combination of bordeaux (60%), brown (30%) and beige (10%).

Designers call it a "robust in a natural and representative sense for red wine with earthy accents". Marsala will be the star color on the fashion podiums, both in the collections dedicated to women and in those addressed to children.

Therefore, expect this year to wear the marshal and find many clothes for your child in this interesting color.

Ketogenic diet

Every year with his wonderful diet! In 2015, the most popular weight loss cure is announced to be the ketogenic diet. The new moms will try to get rid of the kilograms they have chosen with the help of this food plan, at least according to the forecasts.

Also called the "new Atkins", this diet is a restrictive one, which allows the majority of fats (from nuts, cream, butter, etc.) to be consumed, in favor of protein and carbohydrates (pasta, rice, bread and meat).

The principle of diet is simple: it causes the body to burn fat to get energy through the phenomenon of ketosis. Of the total daily calories, 65% must come from fat, 30% from protein and 5% from carbohydrates. Decreasing carbohydrates in the diet lowers the level of insulin, and this leads to the activation of lipase, which breaks down triglycerides in fatty acids. The latter reach the blood, are oxidized and become ketones used by the body for energy production.

Famous star Kim Kardashian claims that she managed to lose 23 pounds in 6 months with this diet plan.


Among the top toys of the year 2015 it is expected that there will be dinosaur figurines. Where did this popularity come from out of nowhere? The reason is the launch of the remake "Jurrasic World" after the classic movie "Jurassic Park". Chris Pratt, in the lead role, will surely convince moms and dads to start loving dinosaurs.

"Frozen" Madness

Anna and Elsa will remain the favorite animation characters in children's hearts, according to the trends for the new year. The interest of the little ones for the princess surrounded by ice and the friendly snowman will be fueled by the launch of the production "Frozen 2" in 2015.

Toys that interact with mobile applications

In the age of technology, children divide their attention between toys and interactive applications that can be accessed through tablet and mobile phone.

The developers of the programs for the gadgets of the moment have thought of an interesting way of compromise: to adapt the applications of some physical toys, which can interact with a smart device. There are already games and toys on the market that can be connected to gadgets.

Organic baby care products

The "eco" fashion will expand in 2015 in the area of ​​baby care products more than ever. A strong tendency in parenting is the choice of 100% natural formulas, from the healthiest ingredients, without the potential for toxic and chemical substances in the composition.

The same tendency to observe when choosing diapers or cleaning products for the home. The more bio, the better!

Applications for parents

Children's games and stories applications were in high demand last year, but their popularity will be overshadowed in 2015 by applications dedicated exclusively to parents. Modern mothers and fathers know how to take advantage of technology, especially when it comes to improving their children's perfect personal education skills.

Thus, this year the applications that teach parents to help their little ones in shaping a harmonious personality and adopting a desirable behavior will be in great search.

The information transmitted is both theoretical and practical: it suggests activities that can be carried out in everyday life, for learning valuable parenting lessons.

Fitness devices

Health becomes a basic concern for parents in 2015. Therefore, technological devices that monitor progress in fitness or daily diet will certainly be among the top trends.

"Elephant" parents

The parenting style of a child is different from one parent to the other, but there are always some general guidelines that can set the tone for modern parenting.

Until now, tiger parents were fashionable, focusing on raising their children to be independent from an early age. In 2015, the "elephant" parents are more fashionable, much more tolerant and more willing to give affection to the little ones. They constantly train their patience and protect their children at every step, encouraging them and giving them all the support.