Pregnant clothes in trends for spring 2012

Pregnant clothes in trends for spring 2012

Like any future mom concerned about her appearance, you wonder what kind of pregnant clothes are on trend for spring 2012. The season when nature resumes its regenerative cycle has inspired fashion designers famous for shaping colorful and feminine clothing trends, especially suited for the angelic air that the pregnancies emit.

Therefore, the clothes for pregnant women aligned with the latest trends are translucent, delicate and colorful in sweet and cheerful tones. Black, brown or other post-colored shades come out of the discussion, making room for white, pastel and country colors or prints inspired by nature. Spring 2012 offers you the opportunity to truly shine, enjoying comfort and freedom of movement.

Here are some examples of fashionable pregnant clothes in the hot season this year!

Graphic print dress

The models of clothes with graphic, floral, abstract or geometric prints are very popular and in the first half of 2012, at least as much as they were in 2011. A style pregnant woman must have at least one dress with this wardrobe. unique design, in bold colors or in the classic black and white duo. Choose a midi length, in vogue for the warm season and easy to wear. Find a similar version on 3suisses.ro, at the price of 103 ron.

Checkered shirt

The cars have returned to the trends and this spring they will wear any piece of clothing: jacket, skirt (Scottish), dresses, pants or accessories. The checkered shirt is really a "must have" and it looks adorable if it is fitted with a discreet cord that you can tie at the bottom just above the belly. Combine it with elastic pants or jeans and you can enjoy a light and precious outfit at the same time. There is such a model on bonprix.ro, priced at 89.9 ron.

Jeans in strong colors

This year, pregnant women are invited to give up classic jeans in dark shades and try on models in strong colors, such as bright red, fuchsia or deep pink. If you feel comfortable wearing shades of this kind, be careful that the rest of the outfit does not stand out too much: it wears monochrome blouses in neutral colors and discreet accessories. Laredoute.ro offers future flirty moms a model of this kind, at the price of 169.99 ron.

Jumpsuit skirt

As no apparition is more adorable than a pregnant woman protecting her tummy in a feminine outfit, the jumpsuit is another necessary piece for your wardrobe this spring. Comfortable and modern, it can be introduced in several clothing combinations and worn with thick tights, as the weather is still cool. Since there are no chromatic restrictions in this case, you can opt for earthy or neutral shades so you can easily match them with various outfits. An example in this case is available on quick24.ro, at the price of 99.9 ron.

Animal print dress

Another important purchase this spring for pregnant women is the animal print dress, a motif that has been popular for several years and does not seem to release the leading place in the list of fashion trends. The print that mimics the special fur of wild felines can be extravagant or more discreet, depending on your personality. Therefore, we propose you a midi dress with panther print, which you should wear with a short fur vest and matte, beige tights. Here is a similar model on bellemama.ro, at the price of 160 ron.

Orange blouse

Among the pregnant clothes in spring vogue this is any piece of clothing in an optimistic orange hue. This color is announced to be very popular in 2012, especially if you wear the color of mandarins, respectively the slightly reddish orange of the peel of these citrus fruits. At bellmama.ro you have this option, at the price of 70 ron.

Bulletproof blouse

The friendly polka balls dominate the list of spring-summer 2012 trends, they have a retro look and they will accentuate the delicate air that all pregnant women emit. You can wear them with dresses, skirts, pants and jackets, and we recommend an elegant blouse with this model, such as the one available on ocshop.ro at the price of 70 ron.

Knitted jacket

Knits have been in vogue this winter and remain in trend and all spring. Therefore, a comfortable jacket, a bright red seductive, will be useful to pregnant women until mid-May. It can be worn with pants, skirts or dresses. See a similar song on bonprix.eu, priced at 89.9 ron.

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