Tart with vegetables

Tart with vegetables

Vegetable pie is a recipe that any mother should know. The preparation allows the vegetables to slip into the children's tables without the little ones making noses. Tasty and tasty, the tart can be a lunch or dinner to everyone's taste!

Preparation time: 1 hour

Difficulty: average


250 grams flour
15 grams of yeast
50 grams unsalted butter
1 or
mix of aromatic herbs (oregano, basil, etc.)
200 grams of cheese
2 medium pumpkin
2 well cooked tomatoes

Method of preparation

Put the flour in a large bowl and form a hole in the middle. Pour there yeast, beaten egg, melted butter and aromatic herbs mix. Grind well and fill with a little warm water, so you get a homogeneous dough. Spread the dough into a round shape of tart, sprinkle over three quarters of the grated cheese, the pumpkin cut the rounds and the tomatoes cut into cubes. Cover the tart with the rest of the cheese and bake it on a fire for 30 minutes.

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